Quiz: Can you read emoji?

It’s World Emoji Day on July 17 – and what better way to celebrate than trying to figure out the car names we have put into emoji form. For a tougher challenge, try answering before you look at the multiple choice options. Good luck!

Do robots take sugar?

Our new robots can do amazing things – from “shaking hands”, to making a cup of coffee, to enabling us to trial a new approach to building cars. These special collaborative robots – or co-bots – are helping workers fit shock absorbers to Fiestas, a task that requires pinpoint accuracy, strength, and a high level […]

Welcome to Chez Car Park

From cooking in a two-star Michelin restaurant to serving just a few people every night – in a car park – might seem a fall from grace, if those people weren’t the Team Sky riders. Norwegian chef Henrik Orre’s father and brother were both national champion cyclists, and now he helps make sure riders including […]

What do ducks, fighter jets and space have in common?

They all do cool and weird things to sound. Find out more – and what this has to do with cars – in the infographic below.

Taking the squeeze out of The Tube

What if you could find your way around London on foot using a giant map of The Tube superimposed onto the city’s pavements? This is the brainchild of student Jamie Quantrill, whose Streetlines idea is designed to reduce crowding on London Underground, and promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging people to walk rather than ride between […]

EcoSports for beach festival? Shore thing!

We helped out at the world’s biggest free beach and watersports festival by providing two EcoSport SUVs to the team – one as a lifeguard vehicle. The “Paddle Round the Pier” festival, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary, attracted a crowd of more than 40,000 to watch as intrepid seafarers paddled their way around […]

Mustang leads the way for Team Sky

There’s a new star at the head of this year’s Tour de France cycle race, but not one to give Team Sky’s defending champion Chris Froome sleepless nights. Team Sky is using our head-turning Ford Mustang as a scouting car during the gruelling 3,519 kilometre race. For each of the 21 race stages, Rod Ellingworth, […]

Inside Team Sky’s Secret Lair in the Flemish Countryside

Deinze is a small town in northern Belgium, not far from Ghent and 45 kilometres from the French border. In an industrial area south of the city, carpentry warehouses sit alongside printing shops and cosmetics factories. Here, for the last four years, a nondescript warehouse has been the beating heart of Team Sky.     […]

776 miles in a Mustang – on 1 tank of fuel

A Norwegian duo has set a new record for the furthest distance travelled on a single tank of fuel, using our Ford Mustang. Knut Wilthil and Henrik Borchgrevink travelled 776 miles from the Arctic Circle to Oslo, in Norway, in our 2.3-litre EcoBoost Mustang Fastback. The pair achieved 58 mpg compared with the official 35.3 […]

Landfill milestone achieved

We are no longer sending waste to landfills sites from any of our 12 manufacturing plants in Europe – including those in the U.K. To achieve this milestone – from sending 6,000 tonnes from the plants five years ago – meant more recycling, as well as more reusing and repurposing. Innovative measures included turning sludge […]

On track to turn back the clock again in France?

We enjoyed two historic victories in France in 1966 – at Le Mans with the GT40 Mark II, and as part of the winning Tour de France team. Earlier this month, Ford repeated its victory on four wheels when the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing team of Sébastien Bourdais, Joey Hand and Dirk Müller were overall […]

Journalist challenges mum to drift Focus RS

Motoring journalist Alex Goy was convinced the Focus RS performance car’s Drift Mode could make “anybody look like a hero” – and decided to get his mum to “go sideways” for the first time. Drift Mode makes it easier for drivers to perform controlled slides, and is unique to the reigning Top Gear Car of […]