Waiters put love lives on line to serve up romance

1 in 4 waiters, acting as modern day cupids, carrying trays instead of bows, have helped customers pop the question. But they usually miss out on Valentine’s Day dates themselves – and just as many row with partners about work. Some even quit their jobs rather than miss spending the most romantic night of the […]

Ford announces $1 billion / five year investment in Argo AI

  Investing $1 billion during the next five years in Argo AI, combining Ford’s autonomous vehicle development expertise with Argo AI’s robotics experience and startup speed on artificial intelligence software – all to further advance autonomous vehicles. Founded by former Google and Uber leaders, Argo AI will include roboticists and engineers from inside and outside […]

Now you can fast-charge our Focus Electric

Our new Focus Electric car will travel up to 140 miles on a single charge and you can charge it from 0 per cent to 80 per cent full in just 30 minutes. It’s also got our SYNC 3 connectivity system that can help you find somewhere to recharge your own batteries simply by saying […]

Now you see it, then you didn’t

Check out these photos that clearly show how much easier it is for today’s drivers to see at night – compared to previous generations – as a cyclist crosses the road just 12 metres ahead.   Almost invisible to the dim gas lamps of a 1908 Model T Ford, the man pushing his bicycle across […]

Ford GT is our fastest car ever!

The news that petrol-heads everywhere have been waiting for has finally arrived. The top speed of the new Ford GT supercar is a mindboggling 216 mph – making it the fastest car we’ve ever built for the road. Flat out, a Ford GT driver will cover the length of a football pitch every second, and […]

Heritage hero is reunited with its owner… 40 years on

A Ford Lotus Cortina belonging to the Ford of Britain heritage collection was reunited with its previous owner earlier this month, who sold it more than forty years ago.     Ford fan Rob Jones spotted the car watching ‘Car SOS’ on television, and recognised the registration – FGF 113C. A quick check of some […]

London trials our new plug-in hybrid vans

We are launching a multi-million pound project designed to help improve air quality in London as part of a global electrified vehicle push.   The project, supported by Transport for London, features a 12-month trial of 20 new plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Transit Custom vans.   Commercial vehicles cover 8 million miles in London on a […]

Have you ever wanted to drive like a pro stunt driver?

YouTuber +Jamie Laing, also known from the TV series “Made in Chelsea”, was given some tips by pro driver +Paul Swift of +Paul Swift Stunts. Keep up with +Ford UK

Tinder users ‘swipe right’ for blind dates in a Mustang

Cupid had his work cut out as five lucky couples enjoyed blind dates in a Ford Mustang – after more than 1.5 million users interacted with the car on the Tinder app.   The couples were matched up after swiping right on a profile that said: “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford […]

Electric SUV on the way

We are launching a new fully electric SUV – with an expected range of at least 300 miles. Coming by 2020, it will be among 13 new global electrified vehicles (EVs) coming in the next five years. These also will include, in 2019, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid for Europe, and a Mustang Hybrid that […]

What does 2017 have in store?

Want to know how many miles you’ll cover – on foot, on your bike, and in your car? And how much of that time will be spent travelling – in reverse? Perfect. Then find out what 2017 holds for you now.

Dreading Christmas with the In-Laws? You’re Not Alone…

According to a new poll we commissioned, most people admit in-laws at Christmas are an annoyance. * Talking is the most irritating habit, highlighted by 1 in 5 surveyed, followed by talking too loudly, and criticising their grown-up children’s parenting skills. Little wonder perhaps that the festive period is also a peak time for divorces. […]