Could Inflatable “Blown Ups” keep young drivers safe?

If you’re aged 18-24 and have been distracted by your smartphone or even a good-looking pedestrian while driving, then you’re not alone. We asked young people across Europe about their driving habits and found 43 per cent have texted, 36 per cent have taken phone calls and 11 per cent have watched mobile videos at […]

Form an orderly ST-Line for our new SUV

We are expanding our new range of sporty ST-Line models to include a stylish new Kuga ST-Line SUV. Just like our new Fiesta ST-Line, Focus ST-Line and Mondeo ST-Line models, the new Kuga ST-Line has bold styling inspired by Ford Performance models like the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, and is based on the new […]

French Toast: Ford supports Team Sky to Tour victory

After 21 gruelling stages covering more than 3,500 kilometres, Team Sky’s Chris Froome has claimed his third Tour de France title at the race finish in Paris.   And as Team Sky’s exclusive supplier of cars and vans, Ford was with him from start to finish.   Whether transporting the riders’ purpose built racing bikes […]

From Essex to Élysées: Team Sky’s Mr Fixit

Team Sky’s Tour de France-winning riders are not the only members of the team to have expert carers on hand during gruelling stage races. The team’s fleet of Ford support vehicles were maintained during the 3-week, 21-stage Tour de France by prototype mechanic Tim Ashby from Environ Automotive in Chelmsford, Essex. Even though some of […]

Roll up! Roll up! It’s the Tour de France!

She calls it “moving the circus from one town to another”. They call her operations manager. Meet Greet Verhulst, who helps keeps Team Sky cyclists, including Britain’s Chris Froome, on track.   From her mission control desk at the Team Sky Service Course in Belgium, Greet organises the movements of the nine Tour de France […]

Taking a shot at making car parts from tequila plant

We’re teaming up with tequila maker Jose Cuervo® to see if we can use the leftovers from their production process to make parts for our cars. Jose Cuervo® roasts and grinds agave plants to produce the juices for the famous drink. The waste fibres can be recycled into a tough but attractive material that could […]

Meet the team that really cares for Team Sky

All eyes are on the competition for the iconic yellow jersey at the Tour de France cycle race, but supporting Team Sky’s world-class riders behind the scenes is an unsung team of specialist carers whose work begins long before the race starts and continues long after the riders have crossed the finish line. Led by […]

Quiz: Can you read emoji?

It’s World Emoji Day on July 17 – and what better way to celebrate than trying to figure out the car names we have put into emoji form. For a tougher challenge, try answering before you look at the multiple choice options. Good luck!

Do robots take sugar?

Our new robots can do amazing things – from “shaking hands”, to making a cup of coffee, to enabling us to trial a new approach to building cars. These special collaborative robots – or co-bots – are helping workers fit shock absorbers to Fiestas, a task that requires pinpoint accuracy, strength, and a high level […]

Welcome to Chez Car Park

From cooking in a two-star Michelin restaurant to serving just a few people every night – in a car park – might seem a fall from grace, if those people weren’t the Team Sky riders. Norwegian chef Henrik Orre’s father and brother were both national champion cyclists, and now he helps make sure riders including […]

What do ducks, fighter jets and space have in common?

They all do cool and weird things to sound. Find out more – and what this has to do with cars – in the infographic below.

Taking the squeeze out of The Tube

What if you could find your way around London on foot using a giant map of The Tube superimposed onto the city’s pavements? This is the brainchild of student Jamie Quantrill, whose Streetlines idea is designed to reduce crowding on London Underground, and promote healthier lifestyles by encouraging people to walk rather than ride between […]