Making traffic jams and parking a breeze

We are developing a technology that could make the experience of being in a traffic jam a whole lot more relaxing. Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver by keeping the vehicle centred in the lane and brakes and accelerates to keep pace with the vehicle in front. Activated at the push of a button, the […]

The road to Le Mans – behind the scenes with the Ford GT race car

Check out thse videos for an exclusive look at the Ford GT race car that we have announced will compete next year at Le Mans, where the original Ford GT40 famously first won 50 years ago “It was kind of a vision for the team… let’s really start with the function of the car. This […]

Focus RS shortlisted in What Car? Reader Awards

We’ve followed its journey from the design studio to the crash lab, from the Rocky Mountains to the Arizona desert, and now, just months before it reaches UK soil for the first time, the all-new Focus RS been shortlisted for its first award. The What Car? Awards 2016 take place in January, and the mighty […]

Could this £30K car be worth £180,000 by 2045?

There are plenty of reasons to buy a Ford Focus RS. But to be honest we hadn’t considered its value in 30 years as one of them, until now. What got us thinking was that a 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo (original price £9,951) has just fetched a record £60,188 at auction. According to our […]

Special suit highlights drug driving risks

Did you know that in the U.K. every month 400 people are arrested on drug driving charges? To show the dangers – to drivers, their passengers, and other road users – we’ve created a Drug Drive Suit. The suit is designed to enable wearers to experience first-hand exactly how drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, and […]

3D printing helps develop supercar for the road – and the mantelpiece

Owning your dream car is now possible for all, thanks to 3D printing – a technology that also is used to help develop the real-life cars on which the scale models are based. Traditional test prototypes can be time-consuming, and require special tools. 3D printed prototypes can be made in a few hours, and that […]

The story behind the new Focus RS – revealed

From the searing heat of Arizona to the icy wastes of the Arctic, and from the design studio to the crash lab, we are revealing the behind-the-scenes story of creating the new Focus RS. “Rebirth of an icon” shows the development of the latest generation of an automotive icon through a “warts and all” video […]

Heard it through the great vine?

What have hastily applied lipstick, magic buttons, and wellies got in common? Each made their way into one of a series of weird and wonderful #6SECFORDTECH Vines – short video clips that look at how our tech could work, outside the car. Leading U.S. Viner Zack King produced three of the clips, and we also […]

What happens when autonomous cars meet bad drivers?

How would an autonomous car respond to someone running a red light? This is just one of the questions that we are exploring at a special test facility that simulates a busy city. The 32-acre full-scale urban environment Mcity, in the U.S., opened earlier this year to offer real-world road scenarios that can’t be replicated […]

Race car style gear changes for Focus ST

We broke the mould with our first diesel Focus ST.  Now an automatic version of our much-loved hot-hatch is available with steering wheel-mounted paddles for super-fast shifts. The PowerShift version of the 185 PS diesel Focus ST is even faster than its manual counterpart, capable of 0-62 mph in 7.7 seconds, and still provides a […]

Making getting to work a game

Developers from around the world have risen to the challenge of coming up with games that could inspire real-life solutions to help people get around our congested cities. With ideas that range from taking selfies to finding friends to travel with, six finalists have now been selected for our Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge which is […]

The Car That Works Like Giant Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Want to drown out the drone on a flight, or silence commuters on a train? That’s when noise-cancelling tech comes into its own. Now we have applied that thinking to a car. Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed inside the car, to detect undesirable unwanted sounds that might intrude – such as engine […]