Living off the land

When it comes to cooking, Søren Westh will stop at nothing to get his hands on really fresh ingredients. And that includes scavenging frozen beaches at dawn for fresh seaweed and wandering woodlands of his native Denmark for mosses, tree roots or anything he can use to create new dishes. For the last 10 years, […]

The secret supercar

Can’t get enough of the new Ford GT and Focus RS models we revealed at the Geneva Motor Show? Then get the inside line from the guys behind both cars, filmed in discussion with F1 race legend Johnny Herbert at an exclusive pre-show event in Switzerland. Find out… ♢ Why the Ford GT isn’t a […]

The only way is ethics…

How important is it to you to know that the products and services you pay for were resourced and produced by a company which behaves ethically? Recent research shows that more and more this is making a difference, in particular for younger people. So how can you find out if that is the case with […]

Making a stand

How do you choose the best stand at the world’s biggest global mobile fair? Pick one of the 2,000-plus companies, showing off the latest in virtual reality, or wearables? Or maybe give it to a car manufacturer – one that’s launched experiments worldwide to see how we might get about more easily in an increasingly […]

I think we’ve flooded the engine…

Crashing into a lake would usually put paid to most people’s travel plans. But one rally team managed to get their Ford Fiesta race car back on the road – and back in the race – just hours after it ended up in the water. The drama occurred during the Rally Mexico when driver Ott […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

In Russia, it is a day on which men are expected to buy flowers for wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. And in many countries March 8 is a national holiday. This is the day when people around the world mark International Women’s Day, a day that is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of women, […]

Q&A with Barb Samardzich

Ford of Europe’s chief operating officer Barb Samardzich is responsible for manufacturing, quality, product development, purchasing, sustainability, environment and safety engineering operations.We caught up with Barb at global tech fair Mobile World Congress. Hi, Barb. Welcome to Mobile World Congress. Thanks. It’s my first time. It’s incredible to see all the technology, innovations and ideas […]

The Legend of GT

Have you fallen in love with the new Ford GT yet? We are showing our new supercar for the first time in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show, and thought you should get better acquainted. Buckle up though; the GT comes with quite a story. Back in the 1960s Ford was looking to buy Ferrari […]

Keepy appy – football scores on the move

Here’s a thought. Of the 1,000-plus goals scored in the Barclays Premier League each season, how many do you miss through being in the car? Careful planning – or luck – sometimes means you catch a game on the radio. But what if family or friends want to listen to something else? Help is at […]

LIVE BLOG: Ford at Mobile World Congress ’15

Hello, and welcome to Day 1 at Mobile World Congress 2015! We’ll be bringing you the brightest and best throughout the week, for up-to-the minute information follow the along live at #FordMWC Scroll down for the latest updates. Getting ready to kick off the press conference on Smart Mobility. Stay tuned for some big news.   0930 […]

Pedal power

Ever since Bradley Wiggins became the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France in 2012 we have been a nation of cyclists. But for many the idea of cycling to work seems a little too much like hard work, turning up at the office with a change of clothes, and feeling like you […]

Changing the way the world moves

Last time you were late for work – what was the reason? According to a recent survey, traffic is the most common cause, ahead of bad weather and public transport delays. * Beyond the daily commute, increased journey times also affect how long it takes food to get to the supermarket, or even how long […]