About blooming time

Spring has sprung, the clocks have gone forwards, and there are enough Daffodils to keep Wordsworth happy So all good yes? Not if you are among the 1 in 4 people in Europe who suffer from hayfever. If you are, you may have been dealing with the symptoms since January. Experts say “pollen season” now […]

The Truth Behind the Mustang Prank

Of all the days of the year, only April Fool’s Day is focused solely on bringing a smile to your face. And, by coincidence, we would say that is probably the number one reason for choosing a Ford Mustang. So, a marriage made in heaven? We thought so when one of the team suggested that […]

Little wonder

Often it is developments in electric vehicles and hybrids that grab the headlines when it comes to innovative means of powering cars. But more than 100 years since the internal combustion engine first saw the light of day, the humble petrol engine still plays a key role in how we travel. It is a technology […]

Cultural exchange

This year the Mustang comes to the U.K. for the first time – more than five decades after first going on sale in the U.S. So shouldn’t we be giving something back? For nearly 50 years, sporty RS cars have in Europe set pulses racing with their breathtaking acceleration and innovative new technologies. And this […]

Could this spell the end for speeding tickets?

Breaking the speed limit is not something we always do on purpose. All the same, it can be costly in terms of fines, and driving bans, as well as playing a significant role in many road accidents. In the U.K. alone, in 2013, more than 15,000 drivers received fines of £100 or more for speeding. […]

An eye for detail

An appealing interior design for a car can attract new buyers – and we are now looking at design in a new way, with the help of high-tech tools, including eye-tracking. Eye-tracking  measures where eyesight lingers, and we hope this could help to learn more about how people visually discover new cars. Research will happen […]

Driven to learn

Learning to drive doesn’t stop when you pass your test. And it’s a sobering thought that according to government statistics, more than 400 people are killed on U.K. roads every year in crashes involving drivers aged 24 or younger. Two years ago we introduced to the U.K and Europe the Ford Driving Skills for Life […]

Living off the land

When it comes to cooking, Søren Westh will stop at nothing to get his hands on really fresh ingredients. And that includes scavenging frozen beaches at dawn for fresh seaweed and wandering woodlands of his native Denmark for mosses, tree roots or anything he can use to create new dishes. For the last 10 years, […]

The secret supercar

Can’t get enough of the new Ford GT and Focus RS models we revealed at the Geneva Motor Show? Then get the inside line from the guys behind both cars, filmed in discussion with F1 race legend Johnny Herbert at an exclusive pre-show event in Switzerland. Find out… ♢ Why the Ford GT isn’t a […]

The only way is ethics…

How important is it to you to know that the products and services you pay for were resourced and produced by a company which behaves ethically? Recent research shows that more and more this is making a difference, in particular for younger people. So how can you find out if that is the case with […]

Making a stand

How do you choose the best stand at the world’s biggest global mobile fair? Pick one of the 2,000-plus companies, showing off the latest in virtual reality, or wearables? Or maybe give it to a car manufacturer – one that’s launched experiments worldwide to see how we might get about more easily in an increasingly […]

I think we’ve flooded the engine…

Crashing into a lake would usually put paid to most people’s travel plans. But one rally team managed to get their Ford Fiesta race car back on the road – and back in the race – just hours after it ended up in the water. The drama occurred during the Rally Mexico when driver Ott […]