No Need to Lose the Accent

From the Beatles, to Michael Caine, to Tom Jones, accents in the U.K have delighted and confused listeners – as well as providing impersonators with a living. Voice-activated technology though has sometimes been less forgiving, requiring users to attempt the received pronunciation of “My Fair Lady” to be understood. Ford SYNC has been developed with […]

VROOOM with a view! Focus RS sprint video

Select Launch Control, apply full throttle, and less than five seconds later the Focus RS high-performance hatchback hits 62 mph (100 km/h). And here’s the proof. And guess what happens if you keep your foot down? 165 mph – the highest top speed of any RS vehicle. The Focus RS is currently keeping good company […]

Everything you need to know about SUVs

The modern sports utility vehicle (SUV) can trace its roots back to rugged but lightweight vehicles like the WW2-era Willys Jeep developed for military use, and the original post-war Land Rover designed for farmers. The “SUV” of old wouldn’t be suitable for modern families. They were uncomfortable – with a pair of straps instead of […]

Get ready for the 360-degree Frankfurt experience

We are at one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the automotive calendar – the Frankfurt Motor Show. There were just eight cars at the first International Motor Show IAA 1897. In the coming weeks hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see cars from around 1,000 exhibitors. And later this week, for […]

Testers turn ‘Sherlock Holmes’ to family-proof cars

As modern families turn cars into mobile beauty salons and dinner tables, our test team in Europe is forced to come up with new and diabolical ways to family-proof cars. Torture testing includes beauty and grooming products alongside coffee and fizzy drinks.  The team is even testing to ensure interiors can withstand red-hot hair straighteners, […]

Survey shows SUVs are must-have car for Millennials

Are you aged between 17 and 34? Then the chances are high that when it comes to choosing a new car – an SUV tops the wish list. That’s according to a new survey we commissioned of 5,000 people across the U.K. and Europe that found that one in four of so-called Millennials in the […]

Music to your ears

Regardless of whether garage, grime, or grunge is what floats your boat musically, listening to favourite tracks can actually enable drivers to better focus on the road. So says one expert who found that driver concentration was improved in both boring situations such as in slow-moving traffic and when tasks such as parallel parking were […]

Web development

Our stunning new Focus RS high-performance hatch has everything a driving enthusiast could wish for. 350 PS EcoBoost engine – ✔ Super smart all-wheel drive – ✔ Spectacular Drift Mode – ✔ A special screen to block fuel-sniffing spiders – ✔… wait. What? It sounds crazy, but anti-spider technology is one of the clever features added to […]

The Kids Aren’t Alright

Kids often get the blame for making car journeys difficult, but according to our new survey it’s the parents that are having a negative effect on in-car ambience. We found that out of 2,002 children across Europe aged 7-12, 66 per cent get annoyed by their parents singing at the wheel, shouting at other drivers […]

Choosing the be(ST) car in the World

Picking your “top three favourite” of anything can be difficult. Pizza toppings?  Cities of the world? TV shows? Try picking your top three favourite cars in the real world, right now. Autocar’s Vicky Parrott has written a blog this week, where she sets out to do just that. “For the sake of this blog ever […]

Drivers let cars take the reins

Far from fearing the rise of the machines, European drivers are embracing cutting-edge systems that can help them park, avoid collisions, and maintain a steady speed and distance from vehicles ahead. That’s according to a study of new car buying habits based on more than 1,000,000 Ford vehicle purchases in the past year. Scroll over […]

Ford GT model out of the blocks

If you can’t wait to see more of the forthcoming Ford GT there’s always the option taken by Alexander Pinheiro Paschoaletto – build your own. For the 18-year-old engineering student from Brazil, this painstakingly crafted model combines two of his great passions. “I’ve always been a fan of the legendary GT40 and its history at […]