The Sky’s the Limit

It’s almost 50 years since we celebrated the arrival of the first Mustang by taking it to bits and then reassembling it on top of what was at the time the world’s tallest building – the 380-metre Empire State Building, in New York. So how to top that with the new Mustang? How about taking […]

Driving home the message

Fifty years ago there were three momentous TV debuts. Match of the Day and Top of the Pops debuted in 1964, and in November of the same year, for the first time on British television, an anti-drink driving TV campaign aired. From “Think before you drink before you drive” to “Fancy a jar, forget the […]

Surf’s Up!

Ever found packing for the beach means having to choose the kite OR the surfboard? No such worries for KITESURFING world champion Karolina Winkowska. Check out some amazing footage of Karolina in action now.

Prangs a lot! Meet the tech fighting back against costly car park scrapes

Every minute in the U.K. there is another car park prang. Maybe it’s a clumsily opened door that creates a scratch or dent as the family tumble out at the supermarket. Maybe it’s a clumsy parker who has misjudged a space. Experts also point to the fact that cars today are bigger than ever – […]

Going anywhere nice for your holidays?

Rain, snow, hail or sleet used to disrupt testing at our premier track in Europe and see the test team decamp to sunnier climes on a regular basis. Now a giant “hairdryer” – and a moment’s inspiration – are helping to keep the track open, all year round. It was while at Schipol Airport, in […]

Intelligent Lights. Camera. Action

Picture the scene: a light aeroplane is attempting a difficult landing at an isolated Scandinavian airstrip. It’s dark. It’s cold. The landscape is unforgiving. And to make matters worse, the lights suddenly fail – plunging the runway into darkness. It sounds like the set-up for an action movie… and that’s exactly what it is – […]

Tech that’s not to be sneezed at

Anyone who’s ever had a hayfever-induced sneezing fit at the wheel will know just what a scary experience it can be. At 95 km/h (60 mph), a single sneeze can see you “driving blind” for up to 20 metres, and research shows that driving during an attack of hayfever is comparable to having a blood […]

You won a fuel efficiency challenge with what?

People associate hot hatches with a lot of things – but being frugal when it comes to fuel? Not so much. The Fiesta ST is the fastest-ever Fiesta. It can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 6.9 seconds – fast enough to leave many more expensive cars struggling to catch up. Even so, according to official […]

Kuga customers get the eye of the tiger

Ford Kuga drivers have an eye for style; Ford research has revealed that their number one reason for buying a Kuga is its looks. Now Kuga customers have an even more fashionable range of colours to choose from following the introduction of vibrant brand new Tiger Eye Metallic to the Ford palette. Our 2014 Ford […]

The secret lives of Ford’s crash test dummies

Did you know that the seatbelt has made the biggest contribution to safety in the history of motoring? In the past 50 years alone, it is estimated that seatbelts have saved more than a million lives. In fact, every time you buckle up you reduce your chances of being killed in a car crash by […]

Into the valet of death

Spooky season is upon us and to get everyone in the Hallowe’en mood, we created one hell of a funny prank. Thirty people were invited to take part in a filmed test drive with drivers instructed to stop at a car wash on the way. This was no ordinary car wash though… as you will […]

Kick out the jams

The longest traffic jam ever lasted 11 days and at its peak covered a 60-mile section of the National Expressway 110 between the Chinese capital of Beijing and Inner Mongolia. Thankfully not all of us are forced to face such extreme mobility issues, but no matter where you are in the world you’re never that […]