Geneva Fever

Switzerland conjures up images of chocolates, picture-book scenery, and cunningly useful penknives. But for a couple of weeks every year, it is also home to one of the world’s biggest motor shows, as car makers from around the globe converge on the lake-side city of Geneva. We’ll be there, with a few surprises in store. […]

Looking for a signal

Every year, the movers and shakers from the mobile industry gather in Barcelona, Spain, to showcase technology we can expect to be using month, or even years down the line. Held from March 2-5, Mobile World Congress is the industry’s largest exhibition, attracting more than 85,000 people, and 1,800 companies from around the world. So […]

Lightbulb moment

How do you shine a light on Ford design when you’re competing for attention at one of the world’s biggest design fairs? Maybe by building a light box the size of a house in a historic square? That’s precisely what we’re doing at the Salone Del Mobile furniture exhibition this year, in Milan, Italy. We’ve […]

20 Years of Cool Tech Innovations

What was the last technology that impressed you so much you had to tell someone about it? For drivers, maybe it was when cars started helping you to park – to the extent they could even find a space and provide the steering inputs? Or maybe it was when vehicles started displaying the speed limit […]

How to beat Usain Bolt

Champion modern pentathlete Matthias Sandten admits Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt would get the better of him on the track. But he claims he is the better all-rounder. “Can he swim, can he ride a horse, can he shoot a gun, can he win in fencing against me?” says Sandten. “The answer is no. I’m the […]

High fibre plan

For decades now carbon fibre has been used in the production of everything from aircraft to racing cars – due its incredibly high strength and extremely low weight. The all-new Ford GT – which makes extensive use of lightweight materials including carbon fibre – will boast one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production […]

You Drive Me Crazy

Valentine’s Day can be emotional. And we’re not just talking love – there’s stress, heartbreak, jealousy and rejection to deal with too! However you’re planning to spend the big day, we hope a few of the little Valentine’s gifts we’ve prepared – just for you – will put a smile on your face. First up […]

Creating catwalk designs from car seat covers

Wool, polyester, cotton… car seat covers? O.K. we don’t expect to see the latter on a list of materials used to make the clothes we wear any time soon. But for one very special event that was what one team of designers used to put their creations together. The Redress Forum: Ford Design Challenge event […]

The road ahead

Self-driving cars were once the stuff of science-fiction. Now it’s more a case of when, rather than whether, autonomous vehicles will hit the road. Ford cars already feature technologies that help drivers park, avoid rear-end collisions, and adjust the headlight settings according to the surroundings. This year, we will provide two prototype cars for U.K. […]

One small step for man…

A year before man landed on the moon we launched the first car to wear the RS badge. “Rallye Sport” models have since established themselves as among the most iconic of performance cars. And 47 years on, we have now revealed the 30th RS – the new Ford Focus RS. This is a car designed […]

Staying safe in the snow

If there’s one thing you can’t predict, it’s the weather. But we at Ford like to prepare for any eventuality. That’s why we tested the new Mondeo in conditions including the worst possible ice and snow. And, as this video shows, we also equipped Mondeo with the latest technologies to help keep you safe – […]

Sporty engine that was a breath of fresh air

Car engines work better when they can “breathe” freely. Otherwise, it’s a bit like if you or I had a blocked-up nose. Performance is a little under par, and there’s no nasal spray especially for cars. But engineers long ago learned that adding more valves – which allow air to flow in and out of […]