Can a Video Gamer Beat a Pro Driver?

Have you ever got so good at a video game that you wondered if you could have made the grade for real? Maybe a glittering career as a footballer, or a tennis player could have been on the cards – or even a racing driver? Lifelong Gran Turismo fan Krisztian Somodi had a unique opportunity […]

Take That Transit! Extreme Testing Ford’s Iconic Workhorse

How do we make sure the new Ford Transit can handle anything customers can throw at it? By putting it through hell. Ford ensured the new 2-tonne van will still be going strong in ten years through an “accelerated ageing” process. This simulates in six months the toughest treatment that customers can dish out in […]

Why Would You Wear a Blindfold to Test a Steering Wheel?

Dr Michael Haverkamp performs tests that are a little different. Not for him the brutal “door-slamming-pothole-pounding” kind of tests that our cars are also subjected to. Think more the “someone-putting-on-an-eye-mask-to-test-a-steering-wheel-and-smelling-fabric-from-car-seats” kind of tests. OK, hang in there. We’ll explain. Dr Haverkamp is a sensory expert whose job is to make sure the cars we produce […]

The Tiny Engine That’s The World’s Greatest –Three Years in a Row

In an era of hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles, it’s a humble petrol engine invented right here in Europe that is working hard to cut emissions and save drivers money. Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost has won the International Engine of the Year award for an unprecedented third year in a row. But why is it so […]

Shower Proof Caps Water Savings

Access to clean, affordable water and sanitation is a basic human right. In 2000 we started strategically working to improve the company’s water impact globally. Since then we have cut the total amount of water used worldwide by 37 million litres of water – a 30 per cent reduction equivalent to 1 billion five-minute-long showers […]

Getting Closer to the Edge

Here’s the new large SUV that we will be bringing to Europe next year – the Ford Edge.   The big brother to the EcoSport and Kuga SUVs, the Edge has already proved a success in the U.S. and the new model is being launched worldwide. New technologies offered by the spacious five-seater will include […]

Seeing is Beer-leaving

“Oi ref! You need glasses!” Even with the benefit of the goal-line technology on display at this year’s World Cup its unlikely this familiar cry from the football terraces will be going anyway any time soon. But what if you gave the players glasses? Could that help? Well, not these ones unfortunately.   We produced […]

‘Colour Popping’ Sets Tone for Fiesta

Meet the striking new models that we are launching for a two-tone take on Fiesta. Fiesta Red Edition and Fiesta Black Edition have been designed with an eye on “Colour-Popping”, the latest trend that is influencing everything from women’s fashion to tech. “Colour-Popping” draws attention to a specific detail with vivid colour. The two new […]

Ford 111 years young!

To celebrate Ford’s 111th anniversary we’ve put together a video showing 24 hours in the life of Ford’s global operations, but none of this would have been possible without one man, and one car; Henry Ford and his legendary Model T. Below we take a look back at some of the pivotal moments in their […]

Fans Flock to See New Mustang

Thousands of Mustang fans gathered in Germany to celebrate 50 years of a motoring icon – and meet the new car that goes in sale across Europe next year. More than 750 people brought along their own Mustang as thousands made the pilgrimage to Cologne for the biggest Mustang gathering in Europe. And all eyes […]

Tomato Source of Car Parts?

Next time you’re smothering your chips in ketchup its worth giving a thought to the peel, stems, and seeds that did not make it as far as the bottle. One day they could be in the car you are driving. We’ve teamed up with Heinz to look into recycling the parts that are left over […]

500 Mustang Fans Over the Moon

As life starts to get back to normal in Madrid after the UEFA Champions League Final, belated celebrations are set to kick off across Europe – with 500 people the first to find out they will need to make garage space for a new Mustang. Ford let customers pre-reserve one of the fastback or convertible […]