You’ll never believe what happened at work…

There are busy days at work and there are the days when you appear in a video alongside Godzilla and a tiger, and pull four vans with your bare hands – sideways. Mind you, delivering 25 vehicles in five years – as we promised two years ago – doesn’t leave you a lot of time […]

Skate legend’s passion for Mustang

In Germany, Titus Dittmann is a skateboarding legend. Responsible for helping to establish skateboard culture in his native country, Titus also has a passion for another iconic set of wheels from the U.S. – the Ford Mustang. Check out Titus’s collection, which includes a Mustang GT and a rare 1969 Mustang Grande.

Funnyman David Schneider takes the mic to the MAX

If someone were to ask you about the “the Ford Collection” – and mentioned headlights – you would likely assume they were talking about cars, wouldn’t you? Not so everyone. Comedian David Schneider took on the guise of a reporter for bogus TV channel MAX-STYLE TV to get the fashionista line on the “Ford Collection” […]

Return of the MAX

A lot can happen in 11 years. Back in 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup – beating Australia 20-17, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club for £150 million, and the Congestion Charge was first introduced in London. It was also the year we launched the C-MAX – the first in a range of multi-activity […]

Keep on moo-ving

Think you’ve got a tough commute? Farm vet Will Stevenson faces everything from fast-flowing water, to muddy fields – day or night – to get to hundreds of farms across East Anglia. And then he still has to roll up his sleeves and do a job – often one that involves wearing some very long […]

The car that brakes for pedestrians

Ford has developed technology that is able to detect people in the road ahead and – if the driver does not respond to warning sounds and displays – automatically applies the brakes. The new Pedestrian Detection system is even able to identify people that it predicts could stray from the pavement – and potentially into […]

Reinventing the steering wheel

Bringing the Ford Mustang sports car to the U.K. presents a new challenge – creating a version with the steering wheel on the right. Testing has now started on the right-hand drive Mustangs that go on sale here in 2015, and are destined for more than 20 markets worldwide. The convertible and fastback hard-top models […]

Magical world of Roald Dahl to hit the road

Mums and dads will soon be able to keep the kids happy on even the longest car journeys with a smartphone app featuring stories by Roald Dahl – including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The story, which has spawned a hit musical, an opera and two major movie adaptations starring Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp […]

S-MAX your life

Imagine a car that massages your back as you drive along, while at the same time making sure you don’t get too comfy and lose concentration. Or a car equipped with smart headlights that don’t dazzle other drivers – even on full beam? What about a car so clever you could ask it to find […]

“That’s great! Now could you pull them the other way?”

Strongman Zsolt Sinka set a new world record for pulling cars with his bare hands – but only after officials told him to perform the feat TWICE. Sinka, nicknamed Popeye, used a rope to pull the 13 Ford cars at a shopping centre in Budapest, Hungary. To break the 12-car record, set last year by […]

Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

It’s been 16 years since the Ford Focus was first unveiled to a stunned Geneva Motor Show and just as you’d expect from a boisterous teenager, it’s making as much noise today as it did back then. The Focus’ impact was instantaneous; launched in 1998 it picked up the European Car of the Year award […]

Driving ‘Selfies’ – 1 in 4 Have Taken Them

It’s illegal and incredibly dangerous so would you take a “selfie” while driving? According to a new Ford survey, one in four young drivers has done just that. Ford quizzed 7,000 smartphone users aged 18-24 from across Europe to get a clear picture of smartphone misuse behind the wheel. And the results showed that while […]