A hard day’s night

Engineer Gerald Doerne loves the darkness. It makes his job easier. Gerald tests the advanced lighting for our new cars, and the more darkness there is the more testing he can pack into a night’s work. For him December 21 is like Christmas, only four days early. Why? Because it’s the shortest day (and the […]

Have you been good this year?

2015 is shaping up to be a great year. Why? Because after 50 years in production the Ford Mustang is finally going on sale in the U.K. We especially commissioned the shot you see here to get across a little of the “can-I-have-one-for-Christmas-can-I-can-I-can-I!” excitement we are feeling right now. If you’re not sure whether yours […]

Toy story

Choosing a Christmas present for Adelbert Engler is easy. He’d like a model car please. Make that a Mustang model car. Ideally a Matchbox No. 8 Mustang Fastback in red with white interior. Since first falling in love with the American muscle car as an eight-year-old boy, Engler, now 51, has collected more than 5,500 […]

King of the Mountain

Riding a bike downhill at speeds of up to 40 mph may not be the safest way to spend your weekend. And Marcus Klausmann has certainly had his fair share of injuries since first taking up the sport 22 years ago. However, he has also claimed 15 national downhill mountain biking titles in the process. […]

Design – What’s Around the Corner?

Ever heard the phrase “reinventing the wheel”? We decided to do just that when we challenged young designers from across Europe to design a new way of controlling a car. U.K.-winner Sun Zaidong, 23, has created a smart wearable. The automotive design student’s vision is for a plug-in wrist band that attaches to a steering […]

Safe Combination – Cracked!

Safe Combination – Cracked! It’s fair to say we had high hopes for the new Mondeo when it became time for independent crash test authority Euro NCAP to put our flagship model through its paces. First we told you it was the car that brakes for pedestrians. Then we told you it would offer Inflatable […]

The Ultimate Snow Drift – Snowkhana 3

Just when you thought you had nailed your list of favourite videos for 2014 – along comes Mental Block. The stop motion drift star is back with YuleTube – the third Snowkhana video. Inspired by the exploits of Gymkhana star Ken Block, his near namesake is back behind the wheel of a model car, and […]

Honey, did you pack the flamethrower?

Ever been in a hurry, only to find that your car windscreen has frosted overnight? In the absence of an ice scraper maybe you resorted to a credit card (though perhaps not the hairdryer, axe or flamethrower – the drivers in this video resort to). Thirty years ago we first introduced an alternative that drivers […]

The Sky’s the Limit

It’s almost 50 years since we celebrated the arrival of the first Mustang by taking it to bits and then reassembling it on top of what was at the time the world’s tallest building – the 380-metre Empire State Building, in New York. So how to top that with the new Mustang? How about taking […]

Driving home the message

Fifty years ago there were three momentous TV debuts. Match of the Day and Top of the Pops debuted in 1964, and in November of the same year, for the first time on British television, an anti-drink driving TV campaign aired. From “Think before you drink before you drive” to “Fancy a jar, forget the […]

Surf’s Up!

Ever found packing for the beach means having to choose the kite OR the surfboard? No such worries for KITESURFING world champion Karolina Winkowska. Check out some amazing footage of Karolina in action now.

Prangs a lot! Meet the tech fighting back against costly car park scrapes

Every minute in the U.K. there is another car park prang. Maybe it’s a clumsily opened door that creates a scratch or dent as the family tumble out at the supermarket. Maybe it’s a clumsy parker who has misjudged a space. Experts also point to the fact that cars today are bigger than ever – […]