Police put hot hatch on trial

Combining supercar-rivalling performance with hatchback practicality – we wouldn’t be surprised if our Focus RS is a tempting proposition for the boys and girls in blue. Police forces nationwide, which already use around 1,500 of our vehicles, are trialling the award-winning hot hatch now. With a top speed of 165 miles per hour, and capable […]

Ford Challenges University Students to be Social Entrepreneurs and Help Communities

Ford has partnered with the charity Enactus UK to launch the Ford College Community Challenge (Ford C3) to encourage students to address some of the most challenging issues faced by society. A total of £15,000 of grant funding is available from the Ford Fund for student projects which focus on building sustainable communities, with teams […]

White Christmas at push of a button

From arctic frost to desert heat to rainforest humidity, our new “Weather Factory” will simulate a huge range of demanding conditions. When built later next year, the multi-million euro facility will be the first to simulate altitudes of 5,200 metres – higher than Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in the Alps. It will also offer […]

Human ‘gremlins’ throw spanner in the works

Every day Xabier Garciandia secretly places wrong parts and faulty components on the assembly line at one of our car plants. But rather than working for unscrupulous rivals, Xabier is actually a key part to making sure new vehicles meet rigorous quality standards. It all came about after we introduced industry-first Vision System technology, which […]

The 97-Year-Old Man Who Climbed into a Mustang and Drove it Away

“My name is Lennart Ribring. I’m 97-years-old. I drive a 5.0-litre V8 Ford Mustang fastback and I’m really happy.” The Ford Model T was just 11-years old when Lennart, from Stockholm, in Sweden, was born. And he was among the first people in the country to buy an original Ford Mustang, in the 1960s – […]

Hate parking? You’ll love this!

Nerve-wracking, potentially hazardous and a significant contributor to repair bills for low-speed bumps and scrapes – parking is a pet-hate for drivers everywhere. Here, in the U.K., a quarter of accidents occur in car parks.1 Almost half of drivers say they would rather travel further from their destination than attempt to parallel park.2 We are […]

Step on it! Smart device goes where cars can’t

A new personal transport device designed to fit into a car boot where the spare wheel usually goes, is among finalists in our search for new ways of getting about. The Carr-E – developed by systems engineer Kilian Vas – can transport people or objects up to 120 kg, has a range of 14 miles […]

Tiny driver meets her match

What happens when a petite and very nervous driver gets behind the wheel of our biggest car? Screaming, swearing and startled noises – if this new video is anything to go by. Our new Edge SUV is a whopper – but it is also crammed with technologies that make it super easy to drive. Step […]

Has the boy racer finally grown up?

Hot hatches – sporty small cars with a powerful engines – were once the preserve of “petrol head” car fans, but are fast becoming a mainstream choice for car-buyers who are a far cry from the stereotypical “boy racer”. New research shows the average hot hatch buyer is now in their forties, compared to 2010 […]

Can I give you a ring?

From getting a granny to a dance battle to helping a lovestruck driver to pop the question, the latest version of our connectivity system offers some unusual ways to help people on the move. Check out these videos that show the lighter side of SYNC 3 now to find out how. SYNC 3 with 8-inch […]

Mustang smashes fuel-efficiency record

We entered our powerful Ford Mustang with a 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine into a fuel-efficiency competition… and we won! In fact, the Mustang smashed the UK MPG Marathon record for the biggest improvement over the car’s official fuel-efficiency figures – beating them by a whopping 75 per cent. The Mustang’s drivers, Andrew Marriott and Andy […]

End of the road for red lights?

Imagine if you could drive the kids to school or commute to work without ever hitting a single red traffic light. Technology that could advise of the best speeds to drive at in order to hit every green light is currently being trialled with our cars, making “riding the green wave” a day-to-day reality. Two […]