Tinder users ‘swipe right’ for blind dates in a Mustang

Cupid had his work cut out as five lucky couples enjoyed blind dates in a Ford Mustang – after more than 1.5 million users interacted with the car on the Tinder app.   The couples were matched up after swiping right on a profile that said: “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford […]

Electric SUV on the way

We are launching a new fully electric SUV – with an expected range of at least 300 miles. Coming by 2020, it will be among 13 new global electrified vehicles (EVs) coming in the next five years. These also will include, in 2019, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid for Europe, and a Mustang Hybrid that […]

What does 2017 have in store?

Want to know how many miles you’ll cover – on foot, on your bike, and in your car? And how much of that time will be spent travelling – in reverse? Perfect. Then find out what 2017 holds for you now.

Dreading Christmas with the In-Laws? You’re Not Alone…

According to a new poll we commissioned, most people admit in-laws at Christmas are an annoyance. * Talking is the most irritating habit, highlighted by 1 in 5 surveyed, followed by talking too loudly, and criticising their grown-up children’s parenting skills. Little wonder perhaps that the festive period is also a peak time for divorces. […]

Downloaded your FordPass, yet?

Have you checked out the latest version of the new FordPass® app? Download it now in App stores. FordPass is bringing a whole new dimension to the services we provide that will empower you to rethink the way you move.  From finding a parking space to booking a service, FordPass is packed with features that […]

Driving lessons give Team Sky the edge

  When you’re racing for the finish line every split-second counts. That goes as much for the support team as for Team Sky cycling stars that have delivered four Tour de France victories. For the 2017 season, Team Sky asked us to train their team of elite Sport Directors who trail the riders in race […]

Toy cars roll off assembly line for Xmas

Once a year toy cars destined for Christmas stockings replace full-sized cars on the assembly line at one of our European manufacturing plants. They are among the gifts that are collected and wrapped by employees before being sent to hospitals, orphanages and other good causes. “Watching the toys come down the line is an amazing […]

Stop motion drifting sensation Snowkhana is back!

How many can you spot? The latest festive stop motion animation Snowkhana video is a test for movie buffs as tiny superstar Mental Block drifts his way through a host of favourite Christmas blockbusters. Created as a tribute to the Gymkhana videos starring YouTube sensation Ken Block, the Snowkhana series has built a loyal following […]

‘Hangover Suit’ demonstrates dangers of driving after a big night

Drink driving is now one of society’s biggest taboos – but hitting the road the morning after can be just as dangerous. And with many people drinking more than usual over the festive period at parties with colleagues, friends and families, it is a peak time for drivers to take a risk that could be […]

YouTube stars as you’ve never heard them before

Singers Hobbie Stuart and Ebony Day have racked up millions of YouTube views for their video blogs, original songs and covers. But how would they sound in our specially designed acoustic test laboratories that do weird things to what you hear? Both were intrigued to find out and made the trip to our Acoustic Centre […]

Thanks Dad! It’s been one “L” of a journey…

Carlo Tedeschi’s children have traditional names: Cristina, Monica, Francesco, Massimo, Paolo, Valentina, Chiara… and Fiesta? Rather than running out of Italian names, Carlo and his wife Gianfranca see their small white car, bought 38 years ago, as their eighth child. And when, two years ago, Carlo was diagnosed with cancer, his seven “other” children immediately […]

Fiesta fantastic four

What could be better than a new Fiesta? How about four new Fiestas? We’ve pulled the covers off four brand new versions of Europe’s favourite the small car at a special “Go Further” event next door to the factory where the Fiesta is made, in Cologne, Germany. Each has a unique personality, meaning more chances […]