Self-driving car leaders

A new independent report says that we are ahead of the game when it comes to developing automated driving systems.   The Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Automated Driving examined 18 companies developing such systems, and rated them on criteria including vision, strategy and staying power.   “This is an important report because Navigant takes a […]

Silence is golden at new pop-up café

Want a coffee? Then draw the letter “C” in the air with the index finger of your right hand, and then twist it towards your mouth twice to the waiter.   This is how diners order at a new pop-up café initiative that is run by deaf waiters and waitresses. Café Ohne Worte (Café Without […]

Get up to speed with Ford’s new V-Max mode

First we gave you Drift mode for rally car-style sliding thrills in our Focus RS, and now we’re launching V-Max mode for straight-line sprints in our new Ford GT supercar. V-Max is engineering speak for “maximum velocity” – or “top speed” to you and me.  In the Ford GT that means an eye-watering 216 mph – […]

Boffins need touchy-feely skills too

In the movies, James Bond solves problems with his fists and the help of super-smart Q – whose futuristic and deadly gadgets help do the talking. But just as Bond’s real-life counterparts are now required to show a full set of social skills, so that is the case with Q’s automotive counterparts, the engineers who […]

Borrowing Mum and Dad’s car – to speed, text and drink drive

Young drivers are taking risks behind the wheel of their parents’ cars – which many borrow without asking – including speeding, using mobile phones, and drink driving. These are the findings of a new survey we commissioned to highlight the need for dedicated driver training in Europe, * where car crashes are the leading cause […]

Scared of the Dark? You’re Not Alone

It’s not just children who are afraid of the dark. Whether preferring to sleep with a light on – or worrying about driving at night – grown-ups get scared too.   Some experts believe fear of the dark, or nyctophobia, can be traced back to our cave-dwelling ancestors, who were more at risk of being […]

We’re revved up for Geneva

Each year, tens of thousands of car fans head to Switzerland for the Geneva Motor Show – among the biggest car shows in the world.   And this year they are in for a performance car-themed treat from Ford, as we show our next generation Fiesta ST hot hatchback for the first time, alongside our […]

3D printing makes it big

From prosthetic limbs to reconstructed dinosaur skeletons, 3D printing can offer a flexible, more efficient and affordable means of production. Now, we’re exploring how large car parts, like spoilers, could be printed for prototyping and future production vehicles – using a 3D printer as big as a room. We will be the first automaker to […]

The Ladder Of Opportunity at Ford: from Apprentice to Chairman

  This year’s National Apprenticeship Week theme is the ‘Ladder of Opportunity’, so we got together with some of our own apprentices, past and present, to tell us what their apprenticeship means to them, and the opportunities it provides at Ford. Some Ford Directors and Managers also started their journey as a Ford Apprentice themselves. […]

Wi-Fi hotspots for cars so you can stream on the road

“Are we nearly there yet?” could become “Are we there already?” as parents will soon be able to keep kids amused by letting them stream and download movies, games and music on the road.   We have partnered with Vodafone to bring 4G LTE connectivity to vehicles in Europe via the new FordPass Connect built-in […]

The future of delivery – drones and self-driving vans?

For more than half a century, vans have played a key role in deliveries. Drones are a modern phenomenon. But could they together work hand in hand to improve mobility in urban areas?   This is one possibility for our vision of the “City of Tomorrow” that is being demonstrated via virtual reality at Mobile […]

New video puts pedal to the metal in next-gen Fiesta ST

Check out our action-packed new video that shows a rally-driving ace at the wheel of our brand new Fiesta ST hot hatchback chased by a fearless BMX stunt sensation – inside the factory where the car is built.   Shot under controlled conditions at our Fiesta plant in Cologne, Germany, the stunt-filled film tests the […]