Have you ever wanted to drive like a pro stunt driver?

YouTuber +Jamie Laing, also known from the TV series “Made in Chelsea”, was given some tips by pro driver +Paul Swift of +Paul Swift Stunts. Keep up with +Ford UK

The new Ford Focus RS – what you need to know

Ask any red-blooded petrol-head which cars they are most looking forward to seeing on our roads this year and there’s a good chance that the Ford Focus RS will be among them. The new modelis the third generation of Focus RS following the 2002 and 2009 models. It’s also the 30th RS performance car from […]

Could this £30K car be worth £180,000 by 2045?

There are plenty of reasons to buy a Ford Focus RS. But to be honest we hadn’t considered its value in 30 years as one of them, until now. What got us thinking was that a 1985 Ford Escort RS Turbo (original price £9,951) has just fetched a record £60,188 at auction. According to our […]

The story behind the new Focus RS – revealed

From the searing heat of Arizona to the icy wastes of the Arctic, and from the design studio to the crash lab, we are revealing the behind-the-scenes story of creating the new Focus RS. “Rebirth of an icon” shows the development of the latest generation of an automotive icon through a “warts and all” video […]

Get ready for the 360-degree Frankfurt experience

We are at one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the automotive calendar – the Frankfurt Motor Show. There were just eight cars at the first International Motor Show IAA 1897. In the coming weeks hundreds of thousands of people are expected to see cars from around 1,000 exhibitors. And later this week, for […]

Web development

Our stunning new Focus RS high-performance hatch has everything a driving enthusiast could wish for. 350 PS EcoBoost engine – ✔ Super smart all-wheel drive – ✔ Spectacular Drift Mode – ✔ A special screen to block fuel-sniffing spiders – ✔… wait. What? It sounds crazy, but anti-spider technology is one of the clever features added to […]

Focus RS vs Ken Block

Which is your dream duo – fish and chips, Holmes and Watson, John and Paul? We suggest you add another – Ken Block and Focus RS. Pro-rally driver and YouTube legend Block was a consultant for the new version of our ultimate hot hatch. And he was showing off his handiwork this weekend at the […]