The secret to fun on the beach? A jetpack!

Watch Flyboard creator Franky Zapata demonstrate how much better a trip to the seaside can be when you remember to pack your jetpack. Franky likes to perform his amazing stunts after rocking up at the coast in our Ranger Wildtrak pickup – perfect for getting to hard-to-reach places, and to shift a hefty bit of […]

Where do you launch a smartphone-friendly SUV?

At Mobile World Congress of course! It’s the car that kick-started our SUV revolution in Europe and now there’s a new version – meet the new Kuga   The big news is that it’s one of the models that will be available with SYNC 3 – our new communications and entertainment system that can even […]

Need a coffee? Tell your car.

Drivers will soon be able to find a local café simply by saying to their car: “I need a coffee”.   This is one of the features of our new SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system, which can also search for local petrol stations and parking spaces when the driver says: “I need petrol,” and […]

You made us number 1 again

More people in the UK bought one of our cars or vans last year than anyone else’s, according to the latest industry data. That means we’ve now been the most popular brand for car buyers here since 1977 – the year when Red Rum won the Grand National for a third time, and the number […]

What do a rally car and a daily runaround have in common?

Loud, lacking creature comforts and very, very fast – it might seem that high-tech rally cars are quite removed from the car on your drive. But not always. Underneath the bonnet of the Fiesta R2 rally car, which competes this weekend at the Monte Carlo Rally, is a 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine, which also powers 12 […]

Streetwise women love black cars, sensitive men like blue

Women who prefer black cars are smart go-getters and blue cars appeal to men who are in touch with their feelings and emotions, according to a new report These are among the findings of psychologist Wendy Lord, who carried out an in-depth survey of the colour preferences of more than 200 people in the U.K. […]

Extreme sports utility vehicle

If you thought SUVs like our new Edge were more at home in the suburbs than the sand, think again. Deep in the heart of California’s Mojave Desert, extreme sports fans race motorbikes and dune buggies up and down towering sand dunes, which is exactly where we tested the Edge’s Intelligent All Wheel Drive system. […]