Do. This. Now. Multi-perspective Mustang hot lap!

Want to experience the Ford Mustang from multiple perspectives as it speeds around the legendary Silverstone race track? A new interactive video enables viewers to do just that. Shot at Silverstone with a fastback powered by a 5.0-litre V8 engine, the video allows you to rotate the vantage point from inside the car. Just like […]

Transit vans are still the business

50 years after it first hit the road, the iconic Transit van continues to make a significant and growing contribution to the economy, according to a new study. The Centre for Economics and Business Research report shows that van-dependent businesses contributed a total of €120 billion to U.K. in 2014 – up by 26 per […]

Wheel you or won’t you?

For some it’s a question of style, for others practicality – and individual taste plays a role too. What are we talking about? Whether to have a rear-mounted spare wheel on an SUV of course! For the first time we are making our EcoSport SUV available to customers with or without a rear‑mounted spare wheel. […]

Focus RS vs Ken Block

Which is your dream duo – fish and chips, Holmes and Watson, John and Paul? We suggest you add another – Ken Block and Focus RS. Pro-rally driver and YouTube legend Block was a consultant for the new version of our ultimate hot hatch. And he was showing off his handiwork this weekend at the […]

Cars that can see round corners?

Blind junctions can be a nerve-wracking experience for drivers who rely on slowly inching forward into traffic, while straining to see and hear other vehicles. To reduce stress, and potentially help avert collisions – we are now introducing a new camera technology that can see around corners, even when drivers cannot. Available as an option […]

Connecting van drivers with their next meal

Life on the road as an electrician, a plumber or a parcel courier can be hungry work – especially if you’ve got to track down somewhere to eat in an unfamiliar area. How much simpler would it be to simply say “I’m hungry” to bring up a list of nearby cafes and restaurants – and […]

Cheap thrills in a hot hatch

A trip to the legendary Nürburgring race track in Germany has got to be on any petrol head’s bucket list. But how to make sure all the holiday money doesn’t go on fuel? The wrong side of an 850-mile round-trip, the likelihood you’re driving something juicy, and a few laps once there, could mean sleeping […]