What do you know about the UK’s favourite car?

The Fiesta is the UK’s best-selling car and its popularity seems to be infectious with it recently named Europe’s Best Selling Small Car – for the second year. But what do you know about this little legend? Watch the video below and you may never look at a Fiesta the same way again!  

The World’s Toughest Van Test

Winters don’t get any tougher than in northern Finland where roads are covered with snow and ice, and temperatures can drop as low as -50 C.This was the setting for the 2014 Arctic Van Test, a grueling ordeal that offers bragging rights for the manufacturer with the toughest van on the planet. Challenges range from […]

Smart Tech Helps Drivers Remain Alert at the Wheel

Reports in the U.K. media reveal that one in 20 drivers unknowingly suffer from a sleeping disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome that puts them at risk of nodding off at the wheel. Ford’s Driver Alert technology is designed to detect tired driver behaviour, such as weaving and other erratic movements, using advanced camera technology […]

Ford EcoSport with AppLink

This is the Ford EcoSport, the latest addition to the Ford model range. Ford EcoSport delivers the agility and fuel efficiency of a small family car, with greater flexibility, and a comfortable high-command driving position. What’s more, the first 500 EcoSports with AppLink were only available to order exclusively online via Facebook – and they’ve […]

2013 Commercial Vehicle Show

Check out the all-new Ford Transit range, together for the first time, at this year’s CV Show!

The amazing self-parking Car

Isn’t it annoying when somebody parks so close to your car that you can’t get in it? You know the ones, who park straddling the white line, their car covered in scratches, able to hop out and walk away without a second thought. You, on the other hand, have to face one of two things […]

Ford Mondeo: 20 years

Believe it or not, the Ford Mondeo turns 20 this year. The Mondeo helped pioneer standard airbags. James Bond took it for a spin. It even came to define a whole voting class in Britain. We’ve sold 1.4 million Mondeos in the UK since it went on sale in 1993 – and in the words […]