The secret lives of Ford’s crash test dummies

Did you know that the seatbelt has made the biggest contribution to safety in the history of motoring? In the past 50 years alone, it is estimated that seatbelts have saved more than a million lives. In fact, every time you buckle up you reduce your chances of being killed in a car crash by […]

You’ll never believe what happened at work…

There are busy days at work and there are the days when you appear in a video alongside Godzilla and a tiger, and pull four vans with your bare hands – sideways. Mind you, delivering 25 vehicles in five years – as we promised two years ago – doesn’t leave you a lot of time […]

Skate legend’s passion for Mustang

In Germany, Titus Dittmann is a skateboarding legend. Responsible for helping to establish skateboard culture in his native country, Titus also has a passion for another iconic set of wheels from the U.S. – the Ford Mustang. Check out Titus’s collection, which includes a Mustang GT and a rare 1969 Mustang Grande.

Funnyman David Schneider takes the mic to the MAX

If someone were to ask you about the “the Ford Collection” – and mentioned headlights – you would likely assume they were talking about cars, wouldn’t you? Not so everyone. Comedian David Schneider took on the guise of a reporter for bogus TV channel MAX-STYLE TV to get the fashionista line on the “Ford Collection” […]

Return of the MAX

A lot can happen in 11 years. Back in 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup – beating Australia 20-17, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club for £150 million, and the Congestion Charge was first introduced in London. It was also the year we launched the C-MAX – the first in a range of multi-activity […]

Keep on moo-ving

Think you’ve got a tough commute? Farm vet Will Stevenson faces everything from fast-flowing water, to muddy fields – day or night – to get to hundreds of farms across East Anglia. And then he still has to roll up his sleeves and do a job – often one that involves wearing some very long […]

The car that brakes for pedestrians

Ford has developed technology that is able to detect people in the road ahead and – if the driver does not respond to warning sounds and displays – automatically applies the brakes. The new Pedestrian Detection system is even able to identify people that it predicts could stray from the pavement – and potentially into […]