18 Weird Things You Can Do In A Ford Transit Van

April 13, 2014

Because you don’t go around delivering stuff for almost 50 years without picking up a few stories.


1. Transport an elephant.

Transport an elephant

Faced with moving two baby elephants at London Zoo in 1965, handlers turned to their Transit to get the job done.


2. Enter a boat race.

Enter a boat race

Ford engineers once built a floating Transit to take part in the Maldon raft race in Essex, UK. It didn’t win.


3. Run a celebrity fruit business.

Run a celebrity fruit business

Boxer Henry Cooper and his family used a Transit for their fruiterer business. And who wouldn’t want to call themselves a ‘fruiterer’?


4. Be mounted by a dinosaur.

Be mounted by a dinosaur

Model makers in Kent strapped a life-size 49ft-long Cetiosaurus to their Transit to haul it to a natural history park in Edinburgh.


5. Bend it like Tottenham.

Bend it like Tottenham

Top-flight footie was different in the 60s. This is how Spurs got about back then – Jimmy Greaves (in the yellow top on the left) and friends show off their humble team Transit.


6. Have a Royal night out.

Have a Royal night out

Apparently Wills and Kate used a white Transit to travel incognito when they were living on Anglesey. (Full disclosure: this is not the actual van.)


7. Pimp your ride.

Pimp your ride

The custom-made XXL version is 7.4 metres long and kitted out with leather seats and LCD screens for movies or computer games.


8. Go gigging.

Go gigging

Much of rock royalty started off touring in a Transit –Coldplay, Status Quo and, er, this lot – The Tremoloes?!


9. Go on a car chase.

Go on a car chase

That’s what Michael Caine did in the Fourth Protocol… not a lot of people know that.


10. DONUT!!!


Respect to the team at Transit Center Motorsport in Poland for their V8 Drift Bus.


11. Break a record.

Break a record

48 students from Barking College near London crammed themselves into a Transit minibus in 1965 and won their place amidst the proud pantheon of record breakers.


12. See the world.

See the world

Hughes Overland actually ran a Transit minibus service from London to Australia. A mere 10 weeks and 10,000 miles later, and you were there!


13. Or instead, go on a quick break.

Or instead, go on a quick break

Very quick, in fact. This Transit took the world caravan towing record in 1985 at a nifty 170mph.


14. Race the sand dunes.

Race the sand dunes

This Transit battled over 7,500 miles of North African desert.


15. Be a stuntman for a day.

Be a stuntman for a day

Steve Matthews used his Transit to leap over 15 old cars. The only modifications included removing the windows and gaffer taping the doors and bonnet.


16. Steal stuff.

Steal stuff

Such was the van’s handling and capability, UK Police were said to describe the Ford Transit “the best getaway vehicle of the 1970s”. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS! IN FACT, DON’T STEAL EVER!!


17. Catch bad guys.

Catch bad guys

These days, the good guys drive a Transit.


18. And finally, have a baby.

Have a baby!

Photo credit: cascade news

In October 2013, little Alfie Kerr was delivered in the footwell of a Transit. His parents, Daniel and Jess, were on their way to the Furness General Hospital in Barrow, Cumbria. They didn’t quite make it in time. But both Alfie and the Transit are still doing well.

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