2014 – ICYMI (in case you missed it) part 2

December 29, 2014

A car made from tomato ketchup, a racing driver and a gamer duelling it out in the same car? When selfies go bad?

We called it 2014.

Here’s our look back at the top ten stories of the year, from five to one.

No. 5
Come on – ketchup!
We revealed we had teamed up with Heinz to investigate making cars from tomato fibres. Who knows? It could be that dried tomato skin will be helping to hold the wiring in place on your next car.

No. 4
Former “Stig” wins world’s first virtual vs real race
Together with Sony Computer Entertainment we staged the first-ever “virtual vs real” race on the world-famous hill climb at Goodwood. Ben Collins, TV’s “the former Stig”, took the chequered flag in the new Focus ST ahead of gamer Krisztian Somodi – in a Gran Turismo®6 PlayStation®3 simulator.

No. 3
The dangerous rise of driving selfies
We published a survey that showed one in four young people in Europe have taken a selfie while driving. Ford Driving Skills for Life programme – especially for young drivers, now highlights the dangers.

No. 2
A blessing for drivers
Trying to cope with a sneezing attack can be a source of amusement for passengers – and a source of discomfort for drivers. We announced a new air filtration system that blocks up to 99 per cent of pollen, almost all nitrogen dioxide – a key trigger of asthma – plus gaseous pollutants and odours.

No. 1
Mental Block stars in YuleTube
Who else could it be? And if you haven’t seen it yet. Where you been? Stop motion drift star Mental Block serving up a feast of sideways festive fun with this latest Snowkhana video – YuleTube.

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