50 challenged to create a sustainable future in 2018

December 7, 2017

Ford Motor Company Fund and Loughborough University will double the number of spaces available for their free annual challenge, ‘Building a Sustainable Community for the Future’. Over the course of the four-day programme, 50 year-10 girls will be tasked with developing innovative smart mobility solutions, helping to create sustainable communities for the future.


Academic talks and workshops—focusing on design and architecture, computer science and robotics, environmental factors, energy sources and mobility—will provide the girls with the knowledge needed to develop their own proposal for a ‘Sustainable Island Community for the Future’. The project is designed to encourage more teenage girls to consider taking on STEAM subjects at the higher education level.



In 2017, the first year of the programme’s operation, 25 year-10 girls took part in the challenge. Living on campus—in the university halls of residence throughout—the girls were given a flavour of what life might be like once at university. Within their final proposals for sustainable future communities, the girls imagined energy generated from electro gyms, regenerative braking systems, solar paint and panels, eco-housing with living roofs and walls, transport including futuristic cable car systems, mobility pods, farming drones and electric bikes made out of recycled, lightweight materials.



Ford Smart Mobility manager Jonathan Scott said of the 2017 event: “I’m amazed at what the girls have been able to achieve in such a short space of time.  The presentations of their future sustainable communities are impressive. Clearly, they have learnt a lot, done plenty of research and worked together as a team. It’s inspiring to see some of their creative solutions.”


In 2018, the number of attendees will double to 50 following the success of the debut 2017 event. Ford’s philanthropic arm, the Ford Motor Company Fund, support the project both financially and by providing the introduction into mobility, through Ford’s ‘City of Tomorrow’ videos and last mile mobility concepts.


Registration for the free 2018 event is open to all schools nationwide and can be accessed here.