Ford Design

November 13, 2013

Why would one of the world’s largest car manufacturers attend the biggest global international furniture and design show?

For the first time ever, the organisers of Salone del Mobile allowed an automotive brand into the main exhibition centre, so Ford took the opportunity to put its distinctive design credentials on show with furniture inspired by European style.

A stylish collection of one-off creations infused with the company’s unique design DNA that is in part inspired by furniture and lifestyle innovation, were created for the show. The Ford Design Futuring Team studies style trends with a view to incorporating them into vehicle design, and has collaborated with the company’s leading designers from around the world to create a bespoke chair, lamp and watch showcased at the Ford Design Lounge.

“The Ford Design team has for years attended events such as Salone del Mobile as creative observers, and now we are attending the Salone del Mobile showing products designed by automotive designers,” said Erika Tsubaki, Ford of Europe’s design supervisor.

The wrist watch produced for the show received such a positive response that an exclusive number of limited edition version has now been put into production!

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