A Cool Taste of Mustang

July 14, 2017

If Ford’s Mustang was an ice cream, what flavour would it be? Fortunately our colleagues in the US didn’t opt for anything meaty, deciding something much more fruity was in order instead.

Inspired by the Orange Fury paint that will be available stateside for the new Mustang, our friends across the pond collaborated with Coolhaus Premium Ice Cream to create the sort of zesty ice cream delight you’d only get in the US.

Two fresh-baked Vanilla Whoopie cookies covered in orange icing, sandwiched around a scoop of the one-of-a-kind Orange Fury ice cream, then wrapped in a unique Mustang-printed edible wrapper made from potato wafer paper with edible ink. What’s not to like!

While the unique limited edition ice cream isn’t likely to make it to Europe’s shores, you can always take solace in an even more delicious taste of Ford Mustang simply by visiting your nearest FordStore.

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