A long drive off the T

March 16, 2016

Driving around the world is no mean feat. Doing it in a 100-year-old Ford Model T car is a staggering challenge.

That’s exactly what Dirk and Trudy Regter from the Netherlands are attempting.
In 2012 the retired husband and wife team decided to take a long trip in the 1915 Model T they have owned since 1997, but couldn’t make up their minds where to go. So they decided to “do the whole world.”

Model T World Tour - P1150889_a

The intrepid couple didn’t plan too much. For the first leg of their journey – from the Netherlands to South Africa, they simply headed south and waited to see what the day would bring.

Model T World Tour - P1150998_a
So far, they’ve conquered Africa, North America and South America, covering almost 50,000 miles to raise money for international children’s aid organisation SOS – Children’s Villages.

Watch Dirk recount the many highs and occasional lows of their amazing journey.

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