Intelligent Lights. Camera. Action

November 7, 2014

Picture the scene: a light aeroplane is attempting a difficult landing at an isolated Scandinavian airstrip.

It’s dark. It’s cold. The landscape is unforgiving. And to make matters worse, the lights suddenly fail – plunging the runway into darkness.

It sounds like the set-up for an action movie… and that’s exactly what it is – directed by Hollywood’s Rob Cohen who film-buffs will know also shot “DragonHeart” and “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” amongst other big movies.

It’s not square-jawed tinsel-town muscle-man that comes to the rescue this time, however. The hero of the 60-second film is the all-new Ford Mondeo. It uses its sophisticated LED headlights to safely guide the plane down in an action sequence that took a 60-man crew including a stunt pilot, stunt driver and helicopter team five days to shoot – and not a single frame of CGI has been used to deliver the edge-of-seat thrills.

The exciting new ad hits TV and movie theatre screens across Europe on Nov. 3, as the all-new Ford Mondeo goes on sale.

The Mondeo’s intelligent Dynamic LED headlights know whether you’re driving on the motorway, in town, on twisty roads, and even in the rain, and can choose from seven different light patterns to give drivers the best view for the surroundings. Just the job for landing an aeroplane… or maybe just making it safely home from work.

Take a look at our Behind the Scenes film that was also shot on location in Sandane, Norway.