Forgotten Stretch of Road Could Be Europe’s Greatest; Driving Nirvana Found in the Portuguese Mountains

Heading across mountains in the north of Portugal and cutting into the Parque Natural do Alvão, the winding N304 may just be Europe’s greatest driving road. It’s wide, has a perfect road surface, offers rhythmic bends and incredible views. Best of all, other drivers rarely use it. “In three days of filming, we barely saw […]

On track for back to back

The Tour de France is the world’s most demanding cycling race. For three weeks, the riders spend up to six hours each day in the saddle, with mountain stages higher than 2,000 metres. Certain stages feature exciting races against the clock, known as Time Trials, where riders go flat out to gain valuable seconds on […]

It’s GT: the sequel… and it’s better than ever

Thought our Ford GT ultra-high-performance supercar couldn’t get any better? Think again. We revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the Ford GT Mk II, a limited-edition, track-only GT that represents the next stage in Ford GT performance.  With a 700 horsepower 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine, race-proven aerodynamics and competition-oriented handling, the GT Mk II has […]

Turning plastic bottles into carpets

Each of our EcoSport SUVs is fitted with carpets made using 470 single-use plastic drink bottles. And since we launched the EcoSport globally in 2012, it has provided a new lease of life for more than 650 million 500-millilitre bottles, weighing an estimated 8,262 metric tons * and that – if laid end to end […]

Sunscreen – bad for your car’s health?

Bought in ever increasing quantities, hand sanitisers and higher sun protection factor lotion may be good for our health but they can be bad news for our cars. Chemicals found in some such products can react with surfaces, causing them to wear prematurely unless they are protected by special finishes. This is a challenge that […]

Can we do it again at Le Mans…?

We’re back at Le Mans to “Go Like Hell” one more time in our Ford GT race car. This year is the final appearance at the iconic 24-hour race in the current Ford GT racing programme. We’re going out in style with four special liveries for the #66, #67, #68 and #69 cars, celebrating our […]

It’s ‘Oscar’ number 11 for our compact petrol engine

Our 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine has added an eleventh International Engine and Powertrain of the Year award to its ever-expanding collection. Compact, powerful and fuel-efficient, the trend-setting petrol engine was named 2019’s best in the Sub-150 PS category by a panel of 70 judges from 31 countries. The latest version for models including our Focus family […]

Practical performance

Here are the first images of our new Focus ST Estate – the perfect car for performance fans who need a bit more practicality Offered alongside the 5-door ST, both versions will go on sale this summer, offering electronic limited-slip differential, rev-matching and selectable Drive Modes.

Self-driving robot ‘Survival’ joins the team

Autonomous vehicles are still a few years away, but one little robot is already showing what’s possible. Nicknamed “Survival”, because of its ability to adapt to its environment, the self-driving robot delivers spare parts around one of our manufacturing plants, dodging unforeseen objects, changing its route if obstructed and stopping whenever necessary. “We programmed it […]

Booming vans boost economy

Online shopping and the trend for self-employment are among factors that are driving huge growth in the use of vans – and contributing to a multi-billion euro injection into the European economy. So significant is the contribution, €675 billion in 2017 alone, that it exceeds the GDP of nations that include Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and […]

Tiny classic Ford Escort made of gold, diamonds and silver

If bling is more your thing than driving then this is the perfect car for you. It’ll never be roadworthy, but this Ford Escort is worth a fortune. Why? It’s a one-off 1:25 scale model made from silver, gold and diamonds. The project has been a slow-burning labour of love for professional jeweller – and […]

Kids driving you off your trolley? Maybe this is the answer…

When it comes to raising the blood pressure, for parents, the weekly shop is right up there with getting the kids to bed and meal times. And while toddler meltdowns and trips to the sweet aisle are trying, few moments can be more worrying than seeing your child career off at high speed on a […]