This is how we’re making charging your car stress-free

One of the biggest questions for drivers thinking of buying an electric vehicle is: will I be able to charge quickly and conveniently? Using our new ecosystem of integrated charging solutions, the answer is: yes. First, there’s our Ford Connected Wallbox that will make charging at home as easy as plugging in a smartphone. Delivering […]

Looking after new dads

Whether it’s due to lack of sleep, money worries or new responsibilities, many men struggle to cope with all the challenges a new-born brings.  We offer paternity workshops that enable our employees to share their experiences and fears as they prepare for parenthood It’s part of our broader occupational health strategy to provide a range […]

The Tipping Point

Today at the Frankfurt Motor Show we are showcasing a range of new vehicles that will help pave the way for electrified models to outnumber combined sales of conventional diesel and petrol models in just a few years. Earlier this year, we committed that every new passenger vehicle nameplate in Europe will include an electrified […]

Ford Puma seats are Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

It’s never a wonderful day when you get your car seats covered in muck, but with our new Ford Puma crossover that scenario can be easily addressed thanks to its innovative seat covers. Whether it’s a spilt drink, mud from the dog, or simply a build-up of dirt, the covers can be unzipped, removed, washed […]

Exposing hidden dangers on city streets

We have been using big data analytics and detailed on-site observations to discover where – and why – some stretches of road are more likely to experience road safety incidents than others. The insights come from an extensive study into how connected vehicles and advanced analytics can make travelling in cities easier and safer. They […]

Get Lost? Not with breadcrumbs!

They might not have been the best way for Hansel and Gretel to retrace their steps (spoiler alert: stones work much better). But breadcrumbs are perfect for enabling drivers to find their way back after venturing off-road. When travelling cross-country, landmarks and track-markings can be difficult to distinguish, and regular satnavs may have limitations. But […]

Pampering pups for International Dog Day

What would we do without our trusty canine friends? They guide us, alert us, protect us and entertain us, but most of all, they’re our best pals.  To celebrate this close bond, we treated our four-legged passengers Lottie, Oscar, Lilliput, Amelia and Evie to a luxurious pampering session to mark International Dog Day.  Our mobile […]

Game on! Esports team launched at Gamescom

Across the world, millions of people every day get behind the wheel of a virtual Ford vehicle and enjoy racing against friends and as part of online communities. Now we are going to be seeking out the best online racers to form our first ever esports teams. Starting at Gamescom, Europe’s leading trade fair for […]

Capri – The car you always promised yourself

It was the year man walked on the moon for the first time, the legendary Woodstock festival took place and the very first Boeing 747s reached for the skies. In that same year, half a century ago, Ford’s Capri hit Europe’s roads for the first time. When it launched in 1969, it was billed as […]

Classic Transit makes Forza Horizon 4 debut

From the ultra-high-performance Ford GT supercar to the “bad-ass” Ranger Raptor pickup, Forza Horizon 4 lets driving game fans experience some of our most exclusive and exciting models in locations around the world. Among the latest additions is one that might come as a surprise. Our legendary, original Transit Mk 1 van from 1965 – […]

Forgotten Stretch of Road Could Be Europe’s Greatest; Driving Nirvana Found in the Portuguese Mountains

Heading across mountains in the north of Portugal and cutting into the Parque Natural do Alvão, the winding N304 may just be Europe’s greatest driving road. It’s wide, has a perfect road surface, offers rhythmic bends and incredible views. Best of all, other drivers rarely use it. “In three days of filming, we barely saw […]

On track for back to back

The Tour de France is the world’s most demanding cycling race. For three weeks, the riders spend up to six hours each day in the saddle, with mountain stages higher than 2,000 metres. Certain stages feature exciting races against the clock, known as Time Trials, where riders go flat out to gain valuable seconds on […]