End of the road for red lights?

Imagine if you could drive the kids to school or commute to work without ever hitting a single red traffic light. Technology that could advise of the best speeds to drive at in order to hit every green light is currently being trialled with our cars, making “riding the green wave” a day-to-day reality. Two […]

Which decade do you belong in?

Are you a 70s groover? Were you acceptable in the 80s? Did you think the 90s were ‘da bomb’? Or are you “like, OMG” for the 21st century? To celebrate 40 years of our Ford Fiesta, the small car that’s spanned five different decades, we’ve created a quiz that lets you find out which decade — […]

We let the dogs out

Dad won’t ask for directions? Kids keep asking “Are we there yet?” Mum tries to keep the peace? Sounds like a good old-fashioned family road trip. Only this road trip features a family of Golden Retrievers hitting the road together for one of a series of five video clips that offers a dog’s eye view […]

Top actor Mads stars in our new film

  We have released a dramatic new short film for the new Ford Edge SUV – featuring film star Mads Mikkelsen, who appears in new movie Doctor Strange and the forthcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Le Fantôme shows Mikkelsen in pursuit of a couple starting a new life under witness protection – but […]

Chocolate, mussels… and Mustangs?

Can you guess which nation is our iconic sports car’s unlikely number one fan? Belgium may not be the first country that comes to mind, but drivers there have fallen head over heels for the new Mustang. Of more than 21,000 cars that that we have now sold across Europe, 1,600 went to Belgian enthusiasts. […]

Honey, where’d you park the car?

Bizarre swirls, mind bending patterns, and crazy squiggles are just a few of the optical illusions we use to help stop ‘Selfie Spies’ from stealing our car designs. They make it extremely hard for eyes to focus on the outlines. Our latest 3D “Brick” camouflage, inspired in part by popular online illusions, uses thousands of […]

Not so smart! Bottom marks for student drivers

University students may not be so smart when it comes to safety behind the wheel. We asked 2,313 drivers who either study at university or left school at 18 about their driving habits. More university students confessed to dangerous behaviour than school-leavers, admitting they are more likely to use their mobile phones, speed and even […]

Back to the Future in a 1976 Ford Fiesta

Karel Willaert was a Test Engineer at Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium. Forty Years ago his team tested the prototype Mark 1 Fiesta. They drove the Fiesta 24-hours a day on all surfaces and conditions before it went on the market. 40 years later he gets back into the first generation Fiesta and takes us […]

Performance cars going fast

Our performance cars are selling like hot cakes, well, like hot hatches actually. More than 31,000 Mustang, Focus RS, Focus ST, and Fiesta ST models have found homes in Europe so far this year – almost double the number of cars sold during the same period in 2015 – with worldwide sales set to top […]

You’ve come a long way baby – Fiesta hits 40!

If you didn’t learn to drive in a Fiesta then someone you knew did. We celebrate Britain’s favourite car hitting the big “Four-Oh” with some amazing shots, and a few things you might not have known… Fiesta started life as a secret project – codenamed “Bobcat” Fiesta is Spanish for party Actor Jeremy Irons compared […]

Driving Fashion Forward with Two-Tone Car Trends

A different coloured sole on a designer shoe or contrasting lining in a handbag; design traits that highlight craftsmanship and exclusivity, while helping owners to stand out from the crowd. For cars, a two-tone colour scheme gives a similar impression, which is why this fashion-inspired style is a must-have trend for those after something more […]

Sounds good! B&O PLAY® coming to our vehicles

We are revolutionising the in-vehicle audio experience by teaming up with HARMAN to introduce B&O PLAY to our vehicles around the world, starting next year.   B&O PLAY creates a customised audio experience for customers with specifically tailored speaker placement and calibration for each vehicle.   Dynamic tuning ensures optimal sound is maintained no matter […]