Bringing the club to your car

Dance fans will soon be able to listen to music direct from one of the U.K.s most iconic clubs with our new voice-activated Ministry of Sound app. Designed for use with our connectivity system SYNC with AppLink, the MoS app ensures drivers can listen to music direct from the club, or from channels such as […]

Scream if you want to go faster

We’ve got our scary face on and we’re ready to celebrate Halloween, but there’s one thing missing; a pumpkin. We asked pro-pumpkin carver Nick Smith to slice up a squash plant using the legendary Ford Mustang as inspiration, resulting in this little treat. Happy Halloween.  

Meople patter – social media on the move

Here’s a fact that you may want to tweet, like or post: it is estimated that by 2018, 1-in-3 people worldwide will be using social media.* And not just for status updates, either. Social media is the fastest growing sector on the Internet, where people age 44-years and under are most likely to get their […]

How smartphones are driving pedestrians to distraction

Of all the people killed on Europe’s roads, 1-in-5 is a pedestrian. 18-24 year-olds are most at risk, with studies showing many are not paying attention. When we asked 10,000 pedestrians with smartphones what they get up to when crossing roads… 1 in 2 admit talking on the phone 1 in 3 listen to music […]

The Spy Who Drove Me

  As the world goes crazy for the new Bond movie – Spectre — we take a look back at some of our favourite Ford cameos alongside 007.         Dr. No The Ford Anglia was the first vehicle to feature in a James Bond film. During the opening scenes of “Dr. No” […]

New skids from the Block

For Ken Block’s latest tyre-smoking project the YouTube star has picked our legendary Escort RS Mk2. Seeing what bonkers car-creation the Hoonigan development team has come up with is all part of the Gymkhana experience. And this time Block has gone all retro with a 1978 model he bought back in 2008. “This car has […]

Back to the Fiesta

Thirty years ago, when filmgoers were first introduced to the “Back to the Future” franchise, 2015 seemed a very long time ahead. When Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to Oct. 21, 2015 in “Back to the Future Part 2” they experience a world of flying cars, power-shoelaces and hoverboards. Then, as now, Fiesta was […]

Safe travels

We care about how our cars, look, drive, and perform – but above all we make sure that our cars are as safe as possible, for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Crash-testing is a key part of ensuring that, in the event of an accident, our vehicles afford maximum protection. For the Ford Focus RS alone […]

Could you design a cool app for drivers?

We are inviting programmers to take part in a 24-hour challenge to design apps that can be voice-activated by drivers. The SYNC AppLink Developer Challenge Dublin offers €75,000 prize money and the opportunity to develop new apps with Ford. Organised with Web Summit, one of the world’s leading technology conferences, the challenge will see developers […]

Globe-circling, amphibious car-driving, donut-performing record breakers!

Want to set an auto world record?  Get a Ford. The Guinness World Records 2016 is full of them! The first circumnavigation by amphibious car …and the only one so far! It took Ben Carlin more than 10 years to complete the 50,000-mile journey over land and sea in a modified Ford GPA amphibious vehicle […]

Focus RS overload! Explore our fact-packed infographic

From its aggressive exhaust note and surging acceleration, to its impressive array of performance technologies, our interactive graphic reveals everything you need to know about the exciting new Focus RS. Complete with a roll-call of legendary Ford RS models, it’s the perfect complement to our “Rebirth of an icon” series – the behind-the-scenes story of […]

How ostrich feathers help make better cars

It was as far back as the 19th Century that ostrich feathers were first found to be perfect for removing dust. Today we also use the plumes for just that purpose. Thousands of ostrich feathers are used to dust models including Galaxy, Mondeo and S-MAX before painting, to help ensure a smooth finish. Measuring up […]