Return of the MAX

A lot can happen in 11 years. Back in 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup – beating Australia 20-17, Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea Football Club for £150 million, and the Congestion Charge was first introduced in London. It was also the year we launched the C-MAX – the first in a range of multi-activity […]

Keep on moo-ving

Think you’ve got a tough commute? Farm vet Will Stevenson faces everything from fast-flowing water, to muddy fields – day or night – to get to hundreds of farms across East Anglia. And then he still has to roll up his sleeves and do a job – often one that involves wearing some very long […]

The car that brakes for pedestrians

Ford has developed technology that is able to detect people in the road ahead and – if the driver does not respond to warning sounds and displays – automatically applies the brakes. The new Pedestrian Detection system is even able to identify people that it predicts could stray from the pavement – and potentially into […]

Reinventing the steering wheel

Bringing the Ford Mustang sports car to the U.K. presents a new challenge – creating a version with the steering wheel on the right. Testing has now started on the right-hand drive Mustangs that go on sale here in 2015, and are destined for more than 20 markets worldwide. The convertible and fastback hard-top models […]

Magical world of Roald Dahl to hit the road

Mums and dads will soon be able to keep the kids happy on even the longest car journeys with a smartphone app featuring stories by Roald Dahl – including “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. The story, which has spawned a hit musical, an opera and two major movie adaptations starring Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp […]

S-MAX your life

Imagine a car that massages your back as you drive along, while at the same time making sure you don’t get too comfy and lose concentration. Or a car equipped with smart headlights that don’t dazzle other drivers – even on full beam? What about a car so clever you could ask it to find […]

“That’s great! Now could you pull them the other way?”

Strongman Zsolt Sinka set a new world record for pulling cars with his bare hands – but only after officials told him to perform the feat TWICE. Sinka, nicknamed Popeye, used a rope to pull the 13 Ford cars at a shopping centre in Budapest, Hungary. To break the 12-car record, set last year by […]

Celebrate Good Times, Come on!

It’s been 16 years since the Ford Focus was first unveiled to a stunned Geneva Motor Show and just as you’d expect from a boisterous teenager, it’s making as much noise today as it did back then. The Focus’ impact was instantaneous; launched in 1998 it picked up the European Car of the Year award […]

Driving ‘Selfies’ – 1 in 4 Have Taken Them

It’s illegal and incredibly dangerous so would you take a “selfie” while driving? According to a new Ford survey, one in four young drivers has done just that. Ford quizzed 7,000 smartphone users aged 18-24 from across Europe to get a clear picture of smartphone misuse behind the wheel. And the results showed that while […]

Let There Be Light! – The life of the Lamp

Light up your day by taking a trip through the history of lighting technology from gas to LEDs

Want One Of Those! Remote Control Vans Go Under the Hammer

What is tough, can travel at speeds of 40 mph and is playing a starring role at the Commonwealth Games? Usain Bolt? Nope. Mo Farah? No chance. These remote control vans are being used to safely retrieve the hammers, shot puts, and javelins that are being thrown by some of the world’s finest athletes in […]

Diving Skills for Life

As millions of people tune into the Commonwealth Games, few will be following the diving more closely than Trevor Simpson. Trevor was the Tom Daley of his day, starring in the 1974 and 1978 Commonwealth Games, as well as the 1976 Olympic Games. His proudest achievement was winning a bronze medal at the ’74 games […]