The Car in Front is a Fiesta

Britain’s best-selling car is now the Ford Fiesta, which has just overtaken the Ford Escort after first going on sale in 1976. Here‘s the story of Britain’s best-loved cars in numbers: -40 – lowest temperature in Celsius at which engineers test Fiesta 1.2 – kilometres of wiring in every car 3 – International Engine of […]

Get With the Programme!

From dealing with monsoon season to tackling increasing congestion on a city commute – drivers around the world can face very different challenges. So who better than the locals to ask for help in seeking potential solutions? How about developers with access to real-time data from vehicles on the road – including speed, fuel-level, and […]

Joined-up Driving

How much easier might driving be if you knew before turning the next corner that the driver ahead had put their brakes on? Or how about being alerted to a broken-down vehicle in the road before you can actually see it? Ford is one of a number of companies that have been investigating how intelligent […]

10 Car Problems You Will Never Have Again

Remember the days of cold starts, manual chokes and troublesome tape decks? These days technology moves so quickly that it’s sometimes easy to overlook how much easier modern cars are to drive. Take a nostalgic look at some things that you’ll never have to do again: 1. Abuse the credit card on cold mornings 2. […]

Rally Not That Surprising

The school run. Grocery shopping. The work commute. And a World Championship rally at the weekend? It may seem an improbable to-do list but it’s all in a week’s work for the Ford Fiesta, because on top of being Europe’s best-selling small car the Fiesta is also the world’s most popular rally car. It’s nimble […]

California Dreaming

It’s 1991 and Beverly Hills 90210 character Brandon Walsh – played by Jason Priestly – is working to earn enough money to buy a 1965 Mustang convertible…   5,575 miles away in the Netherlands the episode ignites a lifelong passion for Mustangs for Reiny van Uden and his partner Loes Zwaans. Turn the clock forwards […]

BRRRRMMMM! Can you name that engine?

Think you know your 1.8-litre Kent BDA from your 3-litre Essex V6? Then put your knowledge to the test with the Ford Engine Quiz. We’ve selected 11 very different sounds and all you have to do is match the right one to the right vehicle. Simply drag and drop each image next to the audio […]

Can a Video Gamer Beat a Pro Driver?

Have you ever got so good at a video game that you wondered if you could have made the grade for real? Maybe a glittering career as a footballer, or a tennis player could have been on the cards – or even a racing driver? Lifelong Gran Turismo fan Krisztian Somodi had a unique opportunity […]

Take That Transit! Extreme Testing Ford’s Iconic Workhorse

How do we make sure the new Ford Transit can handle anything customers can throw at it? By putting it through hell. Ford ensured the new 2-tonne van will still be going strong in ten years through an “accelerated ageing” process. This simulates in six months the toughest treatment that customers can dish out in […]

Why Would You Wear a Blindfold to Test a Steering Wheel?

Dr Michael Haverkamp performs tests that are a little different. Not for him the brutal “door-slamming-pothole-pounding” kind of tests that our cars are also subjected to. Think more the “someone-putting-on-an-eye-mask-to-test-a-steering-wheel-and-smelling-fabric-from-car-seats” kind of tests. OK, hang in there. We’ll explain. Dr Haverkamp is a sensory expert whose job is to make sure the cars we produce […]

The Tiny Engine That’s The World’s Greatest –Three Years in a Row

In an era of hybrids and plug-in electric vehicles, it’s a humble petrol engine invented right here in Europe that is working hard to cut emissions and save drivers money. Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost has won the International Engine of the Year award for an unprecedented third year in a row. But why is it so […]

Shower Proof Caps Water Savings

Access to clean, affordable water and sanitation is a basic human right. In 2000 we started strategically working to improve the company’s water impact globally. Since then we have cut the total amount of water used worldwide by 37 million litres of water – a 30 per cent reduction equivalent to 1 billion five-minute-long showers […]