App matches compatible drivers and passengers

November 10, 2017

Your daily drive could become a source of income, and even help you to make new friends, with an innovative app that fills empty car seats and, connects like-minded drivers and passengers based on location and route.


The idea, from French-based start-up Zify, is among three winning apps from our Make It Driveable AppLink challenge – each receiving €10,000 and an opportunity to work further with our team.


Also selected was Acast, which offers podcast streams tailored to the driver’s commute, interests and time of day; and RouteValet, which brings multi-modal private and public transportation into one journey-planning app.


“For the smart cities of tomorrow we need smarter vehicles, and these three winning apps could each play a role in simplifying our future commutes, making them more enjoyable and even enabling drivers to generate an income from journeys they would be making anyway,” said Abraham Philip, from our Connected Vehicle and Services team.


Our SYNC connectivity system enables drivers to voice-control smartphone apps from the driver’s seat and to access them using a touchscreen. Mentors supported the teams, which tested the apps using our hardware, and presented their ideas directly to customers.


The carpooling app first matches people according to desired journey – but could then pair those who like to chat, prefer to remain silent, or listen to the radio, for example.


“People want apps and services that enable more efficient and rewarding driving and that’s exactly what we are trying to do with this new take on carpooling. We can’t wait to work with Ford so that this idea can become a reality here in Europe,” said Zify CEO Anurag Rathor.

Topics: Technology