Can a Video Gamer Beat a Pro Driver?

July 3, 2014

Have you ever got so good at a video game that you wondered if you could have made the grade for real?

Maybe a glittering career as a footballer, or a tennis player could have been on the cards – or even a racing driver?

Lifelong Gran Turismo fan Krisztian Somodi had a unique opportunity to find out exactly that when Ford and Sony staged a special virtual vs real world showdown.


Krisztian was behind the wheel of a hot hatch Focus ST on a Gran Turismo®6 PlayStation®3 simulator set up for the legendary hill climb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Meanwhile – just a short distance away – Ben Collins, TV’s “the former Stig”, was behind the wheel of a real new Focus ST on the starting line of the actual course.


“It was such a buzz competing against a real car and driver,” said Somodi, a graphic designer who is also a lifelong Gran Turismo fan. “The virtual Focus ST looks, feels and sounds just like the real thing. Gran Turismo 6 is very impressive.”

We won’t spoil what happened but we can tell you it was extremely close – the real and the virtual car separated at the finish line by just one tenth of a second….

“Racing the new Focus ST against the virtual one was a first for me,” Collins said. “The Focus ST has always been a great driver’s car but the new version is even more responsive and rewarding.”