Can I give you a ring?

October 31, 2016

From getting a granny to a dance battle to helping a lovestruck driver to pop the question, the latest version of our connectivity system offers some unusual ways to help people on the move.

Check out these videos that show the lighter side of SYNC 3 now to find out how.

SYNC 3 with 8-inch touch screen enables drivers to use pinch-and-swipe gestures found on smartphones and tablets for even more intuitive navigation.

The system connects with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, offers faster performance and a new interface with larger buttons to give you swift access to the information you want.

Voice control is so intuitive that you can push a button and say “I need a coffee,” “I need petrol,” and “I need to park,” to find nearby cafés, petrol stations or car parks, as well as locate train stations, airports, and hotels. The system then guides you to the selected destination via the navigation.




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