We help Team Sky take on the highway to hell

Cyclists call it “the Hell of the North”. Paris-Roubaix is a brutal cycle race that covers 160 miles over potholed roads and more than 30 miles of cobblestones.   The race leaves the cyclists caked in mud after six hours of riding, and is one of the most gruelling on Team Sky’s calendar. To help […]

Music to your ears

Regardless of whether garage, grime, or grunge is what floats your boat musically, listening to favourite tracks can actually enable drivers to better focus on the road. So says one expert who found that driver concentration was improved in both boring situations such as in slow-moving traffic and when tasks such as parallel parking were […]

The road ahead

Self-driving cars were once the stuff of science-fiction. Now it’s more a case of when, rather than whether, autonomous vehicles will hit the road. Ford cars already feature technologies that help drivers park, avoid rear-end collisions, and adjust the headlight settings according to the surroundings. This year, we will provide two prototype cars for U.K. […]

Staying safe in the snow

If there’s one thing you can’t predict, it’s the weather. But we at Ford like to prepare for any eventuality. That’s why we tested the new Mondeo in conditions including the worst possible ice and snow. And, as this video shows, we also equipped Mondeo with the latest technologies to help keep you safe – […]

Mondeo Made Easy – Clever Materials

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car   Today we’re talking about some of the clever materials used in new Ford Mondeo Did you just say “clever” materials? Well, they’re stronger and lighter – seems clever to us Stronger I get. Lighter equals good? The lighter the vehicle the less power is required for […]

Mondeo Made Easy – Safety Systems

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car Today we’re talking about the tech that prevents accidents happening, and protects when they are unavoidable OK, I’d rather avoid an accident altogether, how does Mondeo help do that? To start with, Mondeo’s Pre-Collision Assist technology can spot obstacles ahead, warn the driver, and apply the brakes […]

Mondeo Made Easy – Climate Control

Ford’s straight-talking guide to its new flagship car Are you ready for a heated discussion about the new Mondeo’s climate control and comfort systems? Heated? Oh, I see what you did there. Go on then… They will warm you up in double-quick time thanks to equipment that includes heated seats, and a heated steering wheel […]