Changing lives, one soup at a time

March 27, 2018

Students are enlisting the services of homeless people to sell soup on campus and try to avoid a life on the streets.


With our backing, the appropriately named Slurp, run by students at Edinburgh University, offers helpers an allowance, free lunch and a reference for prospective employers – and also ploughs profits into training opportunities and further education.


“After the breakdown of my family and mental health issues, I was homeless and living through hell,” said team member Chris Marshall, 20. “I existed on a few hours’ sleep every night and didn’t know when I’d eat next. Slurp’s support has given me the confidence to get back to my studies and a reason to get up every morning.”


Part of Slurp’s £10,000 grant was invested in cargo bikes. The enterprise was among the winners of our 2017 College Community Challenge and a runner up in our UK Innovation Challenge.


“If a young, homeless person feels they have no future, it’s great to know we can make a difference by teaching enterprise skills and allowing them to get back into a work routine,” said Camilla Nytun, a Slurp team leader. “We’re changing lives, one soup at a time.”


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