Cheeky test ensures you’re sitting comfortably

June 2, 2016

From a 21-stone American football player to an 8-stone woman, we have enlisted more than 1,000 volunteers of all shapes and sizes to make sure our new front seats are just right.

Two-and-a-half years in the making, the new F-Gen 2 seats were also subjected to 10,000 hours prodding and pushing from a state-of-the-art robot that measured softness, roughness, temperature, hardness and comfort.

Casa Decor _DSC7788

Testing enabled us to locate the “magic spot” for lumbar support – precisely 130 millimetres above the pelvis – and to produce a final design that was in part inspired by luxury private aeroplane seats.

“Of all the systems in a car, the one people are most passionate about and connect with is their seat,” said Daniel Ferretti, seat systems expert, Ford Motor Company. “Each part relates to a specific customer, yet helps everyone sit the way they like, while offering them support where they need it most.”

Demonstrated this week at the Casa Decor interior design event in Madrid, the seats will in Europe first be introduced for the S-MAX Vignale as part of a global roll-out.

Casa Decor _DSC8016
Also at Casa Décor, we showed the signature 2016 Ford Vignale Collection, created by the same Ford Design team behind the Ford Vignale model range. This includes the all-new Vignale Smart Traveller, a slim expandable garment sleeve, inspired by the bold, exterior styling of Edge, and slim travel gadgets.

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