Choosing the be(ST) car in the World

August 26, 2015

Picking your “top three favourite” of anything can be difficult. Pizza toppings?  Cities of the world? TV shows? Try picking your top three favourite cars in the real world, right now. Autocar’s Vicky Parrott has written a blog this week, where she sets out to do just that.

“For the sake of this blog ever ending, we’ll stick to cars that are currently in production”, says Vicky, who also rules out Hypercars as “that sort of level is too extreme for practical road use and too expensive by half to be remotely viable for being labelled the best car in the world.”

So what are the ‘rules’ she sets herself?

“My ‘best cars in the real world’ all have to be much more accessible. In fact, to my mind, they have to be attainable to a large audience. The car also has to be fun on road and track. By which I mean it has to be able to deliver The Buzz – that simple feeling of elation at how flipping brilliant driving is – both at ordinary speeds on the road and when given free rein on a circuit.” Practicality isn’t an issue for Vicky, though, so two seats are acceptable.

What are her final three? One is a two-seat sports car. Another is a two seat sports car. The third? Well, it couldn’t be anything other than the Ford Fiesta ST, could it.

“If the Peugeot 205 GTi has a spiritual successor, this is it.”

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