Finish uni in September 2017?

April 24, 2017

Ford is running an Electrified Vehicle Graduate and Internship Campaign, and we’re looking for people like you!

Our placements provide invaluable experience and insight into working for a global organisation. If you think you have what it takes, apply on our website here.

You’ll be working with engineers from all over the world, and help develop and implement integrated Vehicle, Powertrain and Infrastructure solutions for Ford’s Smart Mobility and Electrified Vehicle strategies. The work is challenging, interesting and varied, and provides opportunities to build relationships on an international level, whilst working with fast-moving emerging technologies.

With a starting salary of £31,500 for graduates and £18,500 for interns, including a competitive benefits package, make the most of an outstanding opportunity to join the Ford Motor Company Product Development team.

Take a look at what some of our current graduates have to say about working in the Product Development Team:

Charlotte Turner
Charlotte is a Diesel Powertrain Diagnostics Calibration Engineer, responsible for the calibration of thermal and oil system powertrain diagnostics for diesel vehicles.

“I really enjoy the scale of our tasks. Working as part of a diverse, cross-functional, global team to deliver products that are essential to the lives of people all over the globe gives you the sense of being part of something much bigger.

“As an engineer at Ford there are so many different roles which all require different skill sets. It’s important to keep an open mind and use the graduate scheme to learn as much as you can and figure out what you enjoy and what you want from your career, because the opportunities will always be there.”


Matthew Leatt-Hayter
Matthew is an Electrified Powertrain Applications Engineer based in Dunton.

“I studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Western Australia, which is different to the majority of automotive engineers. This has been advantageous when working with electric vehicles, as I tend to have a fundamental understanding of cell chemistry, and how that relates to vehicle range, and power.

“The automotive industry is in an exciting period, with rapid development of electric / hybrid vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Ensuring that we lower global emissions has become a priority within the industry, and it is great being at the forefront of ensuring vehicles meet customer expectations. People now are expecting vehicles with more features, and power, with lower emissions and cost, which presents many challenges.”


Tom Jolly
Tom is an Auto Trans Shifter Engineer who focusses on the design and release of gear shift for auto transmission vehicles.

“I joined the company in 2015 as a graduate engineer. The graduate role includes three, eight-month placements. I believe the graduate scheme is efficiently tailored. The rotations within the scheme give you exposure to different areas of business, allowing you to develop different skills while building a strong work network.

“Ever since joining as a graduate engineer, I have enjoyed taking my knowledge and skills to the next level. The job role has evolved from being a spectator to an actively contributing member.”