Counter culture

May 14, 2015

Shopping online is now an accepted part of our everyday lives. But there are still some products that we prefer to see, touch, and experience first-hand before buying.

Our new FordStores were designed with that experience very much in mind.

More than ever before, car buyers can refine their selection online with the help of configurators that show exactly what a chosen car would look like in different colours, and how much it would cost in different specifications.

But there is still a desire to see that car “in the metal” and to take it for a test drive before deciding to buy.

The 200 FordStores that we are opening across Europe (with 500 in total to be confirmed by the end of next year) will offer the full range of Ford products and services.

Each one is designed to be welcoming, friendly, and laid out in a way that makes sense – with SUVs in the same place, and performance cars all together, for example.

For those who are still making up their minds there also will be lots of easy ways to help choose. “Discover” zones will offer information from tablet devices, brochures, and samples – and a 3D one-to-one video wall will enable customers to configure the car of their choice, and see it actual size.

FordStores also will be where you will find our new Vignale Lounge – a dedicated area for Ford Vignale customers.

“Our ambition is that FordStores provide a seamless best-in-class customer experience both in store and online. FordStores represent the very best of Ford and will be the new face of the company in Europe’s largest towns and cities,” said Gaetano Thorel, vice president, Marketing, Ford of Europe. “Many customers arrive at the car dealership already very well informed, and increasingly expect the retail experience to be just that – an experience.”