Design – What’s Around the Corner?

December 10, 2014

Ever heard the phrase “reinventing the wheel”?

We decided to do just that when we challenged young designers from across Europe to design a new way of controlling a car.

U.K.-winner Sun Zaidong, 23, has created a smart wearable. The automotive design student’s vision is for a plug-in wrist band that attaches to a steering wheel and works as a dashboard and key.

Could this one day seem as much a part of everyday driving as does the steering wheel today?

You never know. Our designers already take inspiration from influence as diverse as furniture, fashion and architecture.

You can see the full story in the January issue of DEVELOP3D magazine.

In the meantime, check out Sun’s design, and those of the other winners from around Europe, which will be found in Italy’s Auto & Design magazine, Arcade in Germany, and Neo2 in Spain.

Topics: Trends