Driving Fashion Forward with Two-Tone Car Trends

September 19, 2016

A different coloured sole on a designer shoe or contrasting lining in a handbag; design traits that highlight craftsmanship and exclusivity, while helping owners to stand out from the crowd. For cars, a two-tone colour scheme gives a similar impression, which is why this fashion-inspired style is a must-have trend for those after something more unique.

Black roofs, wheels and mirror caps are just one way that we have personalised vehicles like the Fiesta and Focus before, with red and white also used as the contrasting colours when matched to black bodies in special two-tone editions.


In total, over 11,000 customers in Europe have taken delivery of these two-tone models since we launched the Fiesta Red and Black edition in June 2014. Around 4,000 of that total have been Fiesta Black and White edition models.

And black and white, a style so timeless that the iconic black and white designs of visionaries like Coco Chanel or Mary Quant continue to be popular, is set for another Ford debut with the new KA+.

Available for customers to order later this year, the KA+ Black and White editions contrast either a black body colour with white roof and door-mirrors, or a white body with black roof and door-mirrors. Both versions feature black 15-inch alloy wheels and are offered exclusively with the 85 PS 1.2-litre Duratec engine.

“This is a highly ‘visible’ style for people who want to stand out from the crowd,” explains John Mcleod, Ford’s vehicle personalisation expert in Europe. “In the past 10 years or so we have made much bolder statements on personalization that customers are now used to this, and are no longer afraid of being different.”

Incidentally, did you know that American Vogue likened Chanel’s little black dress, or ‘LBD’,  to the democratisation of transport by the Ford Model T when it launched, suggesting it would “become sort of a uniform for all women of taste”?

Or that the stunning Nitrous Blue launch colour on the Ford Focus RS was actually inspired in part by a collection by British design house Burberry, which gave some of its classic designs a makeover in striking metallic blues.
Fashion and Ford, Ford and fashion – it’s a seemingly contrasting combination that works as perfectly as black and white.

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