Driving home the message

November 25, 2014

Fifty years ago there were three momentous TV debuts.

Match of the Day and Top of the Pops debuted in 1964, and in November of the same year, for the first time on British television, an anti-drink driving TV campaign aired.

From “Think before you drink before you drive” to “Fancy a jar, forget the car” the slogans proved as memorable as the images, which sought first to inform, and later to provoke – through vivid depictions of the potential consequences of drink driving.

This year we developed a “Drink Driving Suit” that impairs visibility, co-ordination and balance to help bring home the very same message.

Consisting of tunnel-vision glasses, ear muffs, wrist and ankle weights; and padding to elbows, neck, and knees, the suit makes even simple tasks – such as walking a straight line – much harder.

We are now using the suit to demonstrate to young drivers how much more difficult a more complex activity like driving becomes under the influence of alcohol. (We commissioned a survey earlier this year that revealed most young drivers in Europe either have driven while drunk, or seen friends drink and drive).


The suit is now a part of Ford Driving Skills for Life – our award-winning young driver training program.