Driving ‘Selfies’ – 1 in 4 Have Taken Them

August 7, 2014

It’s illegal and incredibly dangerous so would you take a “selfie” while driving? According to a new Ford survey, one in four young drivers has done just that.

Ford quizzed 7,000 smartphone users aged 18-24 from across Europe to get a clear picture of smartphone misuse behind the wheel.

And the results showed that while one in four has snapped a quick self-portrait on the go, while a quarter have also posted images on social media sites while driving.

The survey also revealed that Brits are the worst offenders and that young men are more likely to risk taking a quick pic than young women.

For more survey results and some stats on driver distraction, check out the infographics and videos below.


Selfie Infographic

Topics: Driving Safety