Extreme sports utility vehicle

December 9, 2015

If you thought SUVs like our new Edge were more at home in the suburbs than the sand, think again.

Deep in the heart of California’s Mojave Desert, extreme sports fans race motorbikes and dune buggies up and down towering sand dunes, which is exactly where we tested the Edge’s Intelligent All Wheel Drive system.

“So that extreme sports enthusiasts in dune buggies don’t get too big a surprise we attach 3-metre flag poles to make them easier to spot,” said Derek Ward, technical specialist, Ford Global Advanced Vehicle Dynamics.

Engineers also tested the system in the Arctic Circle, on the Grossglockner High Alpine Pass, and in the Australian outback. The technology can identify when the wheels are struggling for grip, then adjust how much power is sent to the front and rear wheels to give drivers the best traction.

Topics: Driving Edge