Fiesta fantastic four

December 5, 2016

What could be better than a new Fiesta? How about four new Fiestas?

We’ve pulled the covers off four brand new versions of Europe’s favourite the small car at a special “Go Further” event next door to the factory where the Fiesta is made, in Cologne, Germany.

Each has a unique personality, meaning more chances to choose a Fiesta to suit you, whether that’s the upscale Fiesta Vignale, sporty ST-Line, stylish Titanium or Active crossover – the first Fiesta to mix the fun-to-drive small car experience with rugged SUV styling.

And our new Fiesta doesn’t just offer more models than ever. It offers more clever technologies and cool features, too. In fact, we think it’s the most technologically advanced small car in the world, with sensors that can see more than the length of a football pitch up the road.

Does it have tech that can spot vehicles and pedestrians, and apply the brakes to help avoid them, even at night? Yes it does.

A hands-free parking system that can brake automatically to help prevent low-speed bumps if you get to close to the car in front or behind? Absolutely.

Full-length openable glass roof? For sure.


Premium B&O PLAY Sound System? Of course!


The cutting edge interior is inspired by tablet computers, with a floating 8-inch screen for controlling the SYNC 3 connectivity system that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™ * – perfect for easily accessing your favourite music on the move.


Speaking of which, we also proved at the Go Further show that it’s not only humans who can lay down a beat. Robots like the ones that help build the Fiesta every day can be a dab hand on the turntables, too.


The award-winning DJ Yoda was assisted by a “YuMi” collaborative robot to launch the Fiesta with a storming set of tunes from 1976 to 2016 – celebrating 40 years of the small car.

But please, no jokes about manufactured pop…

*Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.

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