Fitter, faster, leaner…

January 23, 2015

With its huge “whaletail” spoiler, the Sierra RS Cosworth made an Orca-sized splash when it debuted in 1985.

And not just for its looks either. This was a car that packed a punch too.

The Sierra RS Cosworth’s engine was turbocharged for maximum thrust, producing 204 PS from just 2.0 litres to become the first regular road car to break the 100 PS-per-litre barrier.

This was a great-looking car, powered by an engine that was lighter, faster and more efficient.

Turbocharging is now a vital ingredient for virtually all modern Ford models – including those powered by the award-winning range of EcoBoost petrol engines.

In fact, 30 years on from the record-breaking Sierra, the special Fiesta Red Edition and Fiesta Black Edition models now produce 140 PS from just a 1.0-litre Engine.

So what next for the Ford RS range?

We expect the recently announced all-new Ford Focus RS will have a few surprises of its own in store.

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