Focus earns a 5-star safety rating

July 21, 2018

Our all-new Focus has been awarded the maximum safety rating by Euro NCAP.


And the high-tech family car is one of the very first vehicles to get a 5-star rating from the independent crash test authority under new rules that make it even harder to score top marks.


At the start of 2018, Euro NCAP made the ability to detect vulnerable road users like cyclists – and automatically apply the brakes to help avoid collisions with them – an important part of its test regime for cars.


The Focus features as standard an automatic emergency braking system that not only detects people or cyclists in or near the road ahead, but can also calculate whether they are going to cross the vehicle’s path. The sophisticated camera and radar system even functions in the dark using light from the headlamps.


Intelligent tech – coupled with the family car’s super-strong body that features ultra-high strength steel so tough it needs a 3,000 degree C laser to chop it in to the correct shapes – has made our all-new Focus safer than ever.

As well as adding cyclist detection technology to our cars, we’ve been working to foster harmony between road users with our “Share The Road” campaign – even producing a ground-breaking virtual reality experience called ‘WheelSwap’, which enables motorists and cyclists to see how inconsiderate driving and riding affects fellow road users.

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