Focus seats help alleviate back pain

March 7, 2019

Back pain is the world’s single leading cause of disability, and can make travelling by car an uncomfortable experience.

One U.K. survey even found that 75 per cent of drivers have back problems due to the wrong seating position.

To help drivers and passengers find relief from an aching back, our all-new Focus offers front seats that can be adjusted for maximum support and comfort, earning the car a seal of approval from the leading spinal health organisation Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V., the Campaign for Healthier Backs.

Only seats that adapt to the person in their sitting position — rather than the person adapting their position to the seat — can earn the organisation’s approval. The Focus seats achieve this by being adjustable in 18 ways.

Testing for the seat involved over 90,000 miles of real-world driving, and using our “Robutt” robotic bottom simulator that condenses a full 10 years’ use in to three days as it sits, bounces and twists in the seat 7,500 times.

“Our goal with the Focus was to build a seat that adapts to every person, enabling drivers of all shapes and sizes to easily achieve their optimal sitting position for maximum comfort, especially on long journeys,” said Glen Goold, Ford Focus chief programme engineer.

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