From Essex to Élysées: Team Sky’s Mr Fixit

July 24, 2016

Team Sky’s Tour de France-winning riders are not the only members of the team to have expert carers on hand during gruelling stage races.

The team’s fleet of Ford support vehicles were maintained during the 3-week, 21-stage Tour de France by prototype mechanic Tim Ashby from Environ Automotive in Chelmsford, Essex.

Even though some of Team Sky’s vehicles are specially equipped for the rigours of bike racing – including a Mondeo wagon capable of carrying an extra 500 kg of team kit from spare bikes to drinks bottles – they can still suffer bumps, scrapes and bashed door mirrors inside the frenetic race convoy.


Tim’s job was to make sure the Team Sky fleet – that included for the Tour de France a special Mustang scouting car – remained in top condition to support the riders. That means fuel and fluid level checks, and ensuring batteries are coping with the extra radios and even TVs carried by the support cars.

Tim, who is also a cycling fan, was able to call on the support of local Ford dealerships along the way.


“The local dealerships have been very friendly. I felt like a celebrity, because they were so happy to see somebody from Team Sky on their premises,” Tim said.
Ford is Team Sky’s exclusive supplier of cars and vans. The Team Sky fleet also includes Ford S-MAX, Edge, and Transit models.

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