Funnyman David Schneider takes the mic to the MAX

October 7, 2014

If someone were to ask you about the “the Ford Collection” – and mentioned headlights – you would likely assume they were talking about cars, wouldn’t you?

Not so everyone.

Comedian David Schneider took on the guise of a reporter for bogus TV channel MAX-STYLE TV to get the fashionista line on the “Ford Collection” – starring the all-new Ford S-MAX.

The results – filmed at the Paris Fashion Show – are exactly what you would expect from the star who made his name in ground-breaking TV shows including “The Day Today” and “I’m Alan Partridge”.

“Absolutely!” says one unwitting trend-setter after Schneider asks whether: “headlights that dip is something that you can imagine yourself wearing”.

Another is unsurprised to discover that models are voice-controlled (via lane assist technology, of course).

“I can hear sometimes they’re voice-controlled,” agrees the catwalk photographer.

We filmed the clip as the all-new Ford S-MAX makes its world debut just across town – at the Paris Motor Show.

Ever wanted to know whether style would still be style: “if it was in a forest and no-one saw it”?

Then this is the clip for you.