Get up to speed with Ford’s new V-Max mode

March 30, 2017

First we gave you Drift mode for rally car-style sliding thrills in our Focus RS, and now we’re launching V-Max mode for straight-line sprints in our new Ford GT supercar.

V-Max is engineering speak for “maximum velocity” – or “top speed” to you and me.  In the Ford GT that means an eye-watering 216 mph – fast enough to cover the length of a football pitch every second.


Our new carbon fibre GT supercar uses clever adjustable aerodynamics to help it hit top speed as quickly as possible.


Turn a dial on the steering wheel to V-Max mode and the car automatically drops lower to the ground and pulls its wings and spoilers into the body for an ultra-streamlined shape – just like tucking your head and body behind your bicycle handlebars when trying for top speed down a steep hill.


More clever electronics control the engine and wheels to help keep the GT in a straight line as the scenery flashes by faster than a jumbo-jet at take-off speed. And for a guaranteed fast blast-off should you find yourself in a Grease-style drag race, Launch Control stops wheels spinning and slipping off the start line.


V-Max mode is just one of five Ford GT Drive Modes drivers can use to match the car’s performance to the driving scenario. Normal, Wet, Sport and Track modes let drivers easily adjust suspension height, aerodynamics, stability and engine settings for a trip to the shops, or a day at the racetrack.

And it’s not only our new supercar that features Drive Modes. Our award-winning Focus RS offers similar technology including a unique Drift mode, and all-new Fiesta ST owners will also be able to adjust their car for Normal, Sport or Track driving.

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