Go Right at the Fork – Talking Car Picks Restaurant, Books Table and Takes You to Dinner

April 2, 2014

Tell the new Ford Focus “I’m hungry” and it will find the nearest restaurant, help you book a table and guide you to the address – in fact pretty much everything short of eating the food and paying the bill.

The car’s voice-activated system SYNC 2 responds to simple, natural voice commands, so you can speak plainly to set the satnav, make a call from your smartphone – or access the contact details of local restaurants via the MICHELIN Guide.

If you fancy listening to some appropriate music on the way just say “Play the Beatles” and you could be listening to the Fab Four’s little-known track Savoy Truffle in no time.

You can also make sure the temperature is to your liking with just a few words. Say “Max AC” and the air conditioning will switch to full power. The system is available in nine European languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, and Russian; and also will be available on the new Mondeo and Mustang after being launched on the Focus.