Good things come to those who wait

January 20, 2015

Calling all Mustang fans!

The wait is finally over…

From today, customers across Europe can place an order for a new Ford Mustang for the first time ever in more than 50 years of production.

From Lisbon to London and Marseille to Munich, Mustang fans can now also build the car of their dreams using the new online configurator, whether from the comfort of home or during a sneaky break at work (we won’t tell anyone!).

And those who just can’t wait to see the car on their driveway will be able to place a virtual version there – or in any other location for that matter – using our new augmented reality app.

Designed for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, the Virtual Mustang app lets customers choose from fastback or convertible bodystyles, different alloy wheel designs, and exterior colours including exclusive Competition Orange or Triple Yellow.

Then the the camera feature of the mobile device lets you view the Mustang in your favourite setting in real-time. You can even snap pics to share with friends and family, or listen to realistic engine sounds to really set the mood.

Ford has sold more than 9 million Mustangs around the world since 1964. The iconic car has built up a huge following here and last year celebrated 50 years in production with the largest ever gathering of Mustangs in Europe.

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