Hate parking? You’ll love this!

November 11, 2016

Nerve-wracking, potentially hazardous and a significant contributor to repair bills for low-speed bumps and scrapes – parking is a pet-hate for drivers everywhere.

Here, in the U.K., a quarter of accidents occur in car parks.1 Almost half of drivers say they would rather travel further from their destination than attempt to parallel park.2

We are now developing a range of new technologies designed to remove parking stresses for drivers.

These include detecting people and objects that are about to pass behind a driver, warning the driver, and automatically braking if the driver does not respond; showing on the in-car display an alternative wide-angle view of the rear of the vehicle; and enabling drivers to parallel or perpendicular park at the push of a button.


“We’ve all become accustomed to the challenges of driving, but it remains one of the most demanding tasks most of us perform day in, day out,” said spokesman Torsten Wey. “Technology is already proving its potential to help make driving less stressful – and our investment in research and development is paying off by accelerating innovation to expand our portfolio of driver-assist technologies that deliver functionality and performance that customers will value.”


Further technologies developed at our Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany, could help drivers steer around other vehicles to avoid high speed collisions, and warn drivers who may be about to travel the wrong way down the motorway.



“Drivers must remain alert and reactive when behind the wheel but driver assist technology can help,” said Edmund King OBE, president, the Automobile Association. “There are great benefits in Ford developing new assist technologies which can aid the driver to avoid collisions, spot vulnerable road-users in blind spots or eradicate parking rage by making parking easier.”

1 Accidentexchange.com. In 2014, 22.78% of accidents recorded by Accident Exchange were car park-related accidents (501,160 from 2.2 million accidents).
2 https://www.osv.ltd.uk/osv-reveal-brits-dread-parking/

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