Headlights that don’t dazzle – even when you don’t dip

March 21, 2016

Have you ever driven on dipped headlights rather than risk angering other drivers by forgetting you’re using full beam? Our new tech could help.

Data shows that automated full headlights are activated up to 10 times more than when drivers switch to full beam manually.

And the shame of being flashed for forgetting to dip is a big part of that.

We have now developed special headlights that block ONLY those rays of light that could otherwise temporarily blind other drivers and cyclists. The rest of the full-beam is unaffected.

“Ask any driver what the most annoying habits of other drivers are and sooner or later the subject of people who don’t dip their headlights will come up,” said Michael Koherr, research engineer, Lighting Systems, Ford of Europe. “We found that some drivers are so concerned about dazzling other road users that they don’t use high beam at all.”

Available on both S-MAX and Galaxy models already our Glare-Free Highbeam uses a windshield-mounted camera to detect the headlights or taillights of vehicles and bicycles up to 800 metres away at night.