How ostrich feathers help make better cars

September 30, 2015

It was as far back as the 19th Century that ostrich feathers were first found to be perfect for removing dust. Today we also use the plumes for just that purpose.

Thousands of ostrich feathers are used to dust models including Galaxy, Mondeo and S-MAX before painting, to help ensure a smooth finish.

Measuring up to 76 centimetres in length, each female ostrich feather weighs less than 3 grams, lasts up to five years, and dislodges dust that is then removed by a vacuum.

“Removing the tiniest speck of dust before vehicles are painted can significantly enhance a smooth finish. Through their unique construction and durability, ostrich feathers are perfect for picking up and holding tiny particles,” said Dirk Hölzer, chief paint engineer, Ford of Europe.


A thorough dusting is just one of the exhaustive quality processes that vehicles undergo at our Valencia Assembly Plant, in Spain.Paint finish, sound quality, and the operation of driver aids are all checked using industry-first technology.