Is 2018 the year of conscience?

December 6, 2017

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the crazy things happening around you in the world nowadays, at least you’re not alone; more than 60 per cent of adults globally feel the same way.


This is one of the insights that has helped shape our 2018 Looking Further with Ford Trends Report, which examines not only the issues dividing the world, but also the coping mechanisms that are emerging as a result.


From consumers being jolted out of complacency to artificial intelligence angst and deciding to stay single, the report is the work of our global consumer trends and futuring manager, Sheryl Connelly.


“Shifting global priorities, rampant political upheaval, and a spotlight on social inequity have upended the status quo and left many disoriented,” says Sheryl.


“But out of the chaos and conflict, a new energy and creativity is motivating people like never before. From compassion and guilt to heightened activism, most adults believe their actions have the power to influence positive change.”


Key insights from our sixth annual report – which is developed to understand how consumers are changing and how companies must respond – include:


    • 76 percent of adults around the world say they find it creepy when companies know too much about them
    • 52 percent of adults say they believe artificial intelligence will do more harm than good, but 61 percent say they are hopeful about a future of autonomous vehicles
    • 68 percent of adults say they are overwhelmed by suffering in the world today, and 51 percent say they feel guilty for not doing more to make the world better


  • 73 percent of adults say they should take better care of their emotional well-being
  • 54 percent of adults globally say they feel more stressed out than they did a year ago, and among 18- to 29-year-olds, that number is even higher, at 65 percent


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